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Zuchu Speaks on Diamond Platnumz's Relationship With Tanasha Donna

Zuchu Speaks on Diamond Platnumz's Relationship With Tanasha Donna

Tanzanian singer and songwriter Zuhura Othman has addressed the relationship Diamond Platnumz shares with his baby mamas especially after he recently linked up with Tanasha Donna to celebrate their son's birthday.

In an interview, Zuchu said she understands the bond Diamond Platnumz shares with his children and she has no problem with the parents getting together to celebrate a milestone in their child's life.

The singer said she knew from the start go that Diamond has children and she knew he was bound to spend time with them and their mothers.


"Niliujua Diamond alikuwa na watoto tulipoanza kudate na nilijua kuwa atakuwa katika maisha yao."

Speaking about Diamond's reunion with Tanasha, Zuchu said she has no issue since all she witnessed was a family celebrating a child's birthday and she never witnessed any public display of affection.

"Ni lazima wazazi wenza wawepo till the day they day and even after that they would still be family., they are family, it was not an issue because when one has kids they will be in their lives, they never hugged nor kissed, I just saw two parents who were celebrating their kid."

The Sukari hitmaker also addressed the public's curiosity and speculations surrounding her relationship with Diamond saying she was unbothered about what people say or think of them.


"Watu huwa wanashangaa niaje tumedumu muda, wanangoja ile siku tutaachana, lakini sijali wanayosema mimi."

Last month, Zuchu denied being in a romantic relationship with Diamond Platnumz after his baby mama Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna Surprised mama Dangote with flowers, cash and perfume.

A fan tagged Zuchu in a post asking the songstress if she had seen how Diamond's baby mama Tanasha Donna had wiggled her way back into the artist's life.

In response the sukari hitmaker said she is a single woman and Diamond Platnumz is free to do whatever he wants since they are not romantically involved.

The relationship between the two has been complicated, with neither of the two publicly confirming their romantic relationship.

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