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DJ Mo’s former illicit lover gets married, starts her family in America

DJ Mo’s former illicit lover gets married, starts her family in America

Kenyans were astonished in October 2020 when insiders informed tea master Edgar Obare that gospel disc jockey DJ Mo, real name Sammy Muraya Junior, was having an extramarital affair with his well-known wife, Linet Munyali, real name Size 8.

It was claimed in the evidence submitted to Obare that Margaret Wanyama was DJ Mo’s side chick; among the evidence were pictures of DJ Mo wearing his birthday suit and private conversations with the musician.


Many were shocked by the affair and questioned how a well-known Christian like him could have treated his wife, who was also the mother of two children, in that way.
His tenure as one of the hosts of an NTV Sunday morning gospel program came to an end as a result of this scandal.

Top management replaced him with another DJ and quietly kicked him out of the show. Despite the substantial proof and the back-and-forth drama around the leaked evidence, Mo later denied having an affair with Margaret.


He was trying to refute the facts, but he warned the Kenyans not to believe what they saw. Margaret also withdrew her statements and remained quiet. 

After the marital crisis, Size 8 forgave him and they worked on their union. Margaret seems to have had a bright future during this period as well, since she later got married and moved to the United States of America.

She is currently a mother and the wife of American army soldier Ziggy T. Cole. She is a hairstylist as well.

They are featured in pictures that she shares on social media. Nevertheless, she primarily utilizes her images of herself in alluring stances at various locations to flaunt how “life is good” in America.

In Chapter 29, all I can say is that I’m appreciative of God. Chapter 28 was really amazing to me. Father, please keep bestowing blessings upon me and keep opening new avenues for me, God. “Thank you, Lord,” Margaret exclaimed on her 29th birthday.

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