• Tuesday, 25 June 2024

"You keep jumping from one man to another!" Betty Kyallo told

Betty Kyallo has been living the dream for the past half a year as far as her love life goes. The former TV personality and now entrepreneur has been dating handsome lawyer Nick Ndeda and the two get on swimmingly.

The two have been inseparable and regularly attend events together, something they did this past weekend, something that Betty was quick to share about.

The mother of one and Nick had attended a glitzy wedding with Betty being really jazzed about it. Her Instagram caption betrayed how stoked she was.

It read, "What a wedding!!! Glamorous, jovial! Congrats to Muli and Betty. Watu wapendane❤️❤️Also loved my dress from @boldcollections_ke"

While most Kenyans shared in Betty's enthusiasm, there are some who just love starting violence. One particular Kenyan called out Betty saying that she would forever be attending people's weddings without hosting her own.

"You'll forever be attending other people's weddings yet you keep jumping from one man to another."

But Betty had a very classy response for the troll, writing, "It's sad that you cannot celebrate love where you find it. Just because it's not your turn doesn't mean it will never happen for you. Clap for others, so that they may clap for you when its your turn."


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