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Social media personality Azziad Nasenya opens up about cyber bullying and battling suicidal thoughts

Social media personality Azziad Nasenya opens up about cyber bullying and battling suicidal thoughts

Kenyan content creator Azziad Nasenya who has been vocal about being cyberbullied following her sudden rise to fame has for the first time opened up about battling with suicidal thoughts.

Speaking in an interview with Dr Ofweneke, the TikTok sensation recalled how her first viral video brought about hate online and cyberbullying pushing her to contemplate committing suicide.

"After the video went viral, that did not shock me coz I had done a couple of videos. A lot of people asked me how did you feel. It did not shock me because I had done videos that went viral before on TikTok; it was happening. So to me, I was just like ah, it's another one," Azziad shared.

Azziad noted that she initially experienced excitement and positive support from her fans, with everyone praising and celebrating her success.

However, the excitement was overshadowed by hate and cyberbullying.

"It was different; people knew me so it escalated. People were sharing it, I was like okay cool nice. So it was all love, and then before you know it, it was boom, came cyberbullying" she explained.

The influencer who was living alone during the pandemic recalled how she went to the balcony with the thoughts of ending her life.

She narrated how her team, management and friends who came through for her in that dark moment.

"It changed, and I'm like okay, what is happening? It changed after a day or a day and a half. I remember I was crying. It was terrible; I was alone in the middle of a lockdown. I literally went to my balcony and I was like um, is this where God you let me go? Yeah, it was that bad. I thought of it, but I had a strong team. I had my management there. I had my friends, not here or there, but they were on the phone. The next day in the morning, that was the first thing. They came to me," she added.

Azziad expressed her disbelief at the negativity surrounding a simple dance video noting that all she did was dance and have fun like she was used to only that this particular TikTok challenge came with fame.

"I thought about it because I'm like I'm just a teenager. I have just doing what I love doing for the past year. What do you mean someone is mad because I danced? I did not hurt anyone; I was just having fun, so that was my lowest moment," she recounted.

Azziad rose to fame when her dance challenge to 'Utawezana', a hit song by Mejja featuring Femi One went viral during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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