• Saturday, 22 June 2024
Nadia Mukami Speaks Out On Claims Of Mistreatment At Mbosso's Concert

Nadia Mukami Speaks Out On Claims Of Mistreatment At Mbosso's Concert

Kenyan musician Nadia Mukami has downplayed claims that she and singer Masauti were mistreated at Tanzanian artiste Mbosso’s concert in Mombasa.

Mukami was reacting to an Instagram post from comedian Eric Omondi that claimed the two musicians were not angry enough at the said incident.

The Instagram screengrab alleged that during Mbosso’s concert that happened over the weekend in Mombasa, both Mukami and Masauti were rudely kicked out of the stage to give way for Mbosso's performance.


To which Mukami said “Ulikuwa unataka mimi na Masauti tupige promoter ndio ujue we are fighting for the industry ama?” 

Mukami went on to note that there are certain situations that do not need violence adding that as a musician she is doing the best she can.

“There are things that haviitaji kifua. Tunapambana sana. You have a valid point ya kupush fighting to protect our industry but the way you are approaching it sometimes it’s just meeeh! Stop making it an Eric Omondi fight. It’s an industry conversation that needs a lot of systems and structure building,” she said.

Eric Omondi went ahead to react to Nadia Mukami's comments saying: “These Kenyan Artists wataendelea tu kuumia na Kudharauliwa mpaka SIKU ile wataniskia...Asiye skia la Mkuu Huvunjika guu...Anyway Plans are underway to BRING UP a TOTALLY NEW BREED of MUSICIANS hawa WASHATUANGUSHA.

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