• Friday, 22 September 2023
Kenyan DJ relies on online followers to get revenue

Kenyan DJ relies on online followers to get revenue

Finding one's gift and realizing it may be quite a journey; for this reason, doing so and being able to turn one's passion and talent into a prosperous enterprise is quite a thrill. The radio jockey from Dagoretti South, Nairobi County, who is 30 years old and self-taught, provided this precise account.

On a windy afternoon, we meet Dennis Situma, better known by his stage name, Selector Denoh. He cordially invites us into his studio. It is a modest and unassuming rented space in a Mutuini, Dagoretti neighborhood, with its true character only exposed upon entry.

Dennis was born and lived in Eldoret until he was in grade four when his family moved to Nairobi.

He says, "My mother works for Posta and she obtained a transfer to Nairobi. "We relocated to Kibera, where I spent the remainder of my childhood and started my long jig with music," the speaker said.

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Dennis recalls that he was always interested in computers and that his mother had purchased one for the family when they moved to Nairobi. He recalls that in addition to his interest in computers, he had a strong enthusiasm for music. A few weeks after moving into their new house, he rapidly became friends with a trader who used to sell music compact discs

He says with a hearty grin, "Owning a computer in the early 2000s was no minor feat, and I consequently used to feel quite tech adept, which just drove my interest more. "My first attempt at deejaying took place while I was in fifth grade. Along with the Virtual DJ software, I purchased Tractor DJ from the music store. The latter appealed to me more because it was more sophisticated and provided more features.

In Dennis's words, he was merely mixing music for pleasure at this stage because he had no expertise, but he saw this as an opportunity to learn and begin honing his talents. In addition to music, he also enjoyed dancing and playing football because he hadn't yet decided on a certain interest that he wanted to persuade. He continues by saying that these pursuits kept him occupied and assisted him in veering away from the antisocial behavior typically seen in neighborhoods like the one he grew up in.

They founded a business selling movies along with a computer and PlayStation center with a pal, Simon Kimari. However, fate gave them a bad hand, and after a few years, their business dissolved.

Dennis writes that despite his other commitments, his passion for music and for being a DJ was still alive. He continued to practice using his laptop despite the fact that technology had evolved, and over the years, he had developed a variety of useful talents. Additionally, he had made the decision to rent a tiny area, which he turned into his studio and where he would stream live concerts on the Facebook page mixing music with a select group of people who shared his interests.