• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Karen Nyamu apologizes to Gen Z and women following her comments on the Finance Bill

Karen Nyamu apologizes to Gen Z and women following her comments on the Finance Bill

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has recently faced significant backlash for her stance on the disputed Finance Bill 2024.

Nyamu revealed that a comment she made regarding the Eco Levy on the Finance Bill led to her losing over 10,000 Instagram followers. The senator came under fire after an Instagram user questioned why she supported the bill, which proposed taxing locally manufactured sanitary towels.

In response, Nyamu attempted to clarify her position, explaining, “I responded to try and explain that it was not the case and that locally manufactured sanitary towels were not going to attract the Eco Levy.”

She further elaborated on her response during a parliamentary session, stating, “She asked me which local sanitary towel I use. I responded that I use tampons because, Mr. Speaker, I use tampons.”

Nyamu’s response was perceived as arrogant by a segment of the online community, resulting in widespread criticism and the moniker “Dem wa tampons” on social media.

The situation escalated when her comments were reported to President William Ruto during an engagement on X Space, where critics labeled her as arrogant. Nyamu, who insists this is the first time she has been called arrogant, expressed regret for any offense caused.

“Those who know me and have interacted with me know my humility and down-to-earth nature,” she said.

While expressing remorse to those who felt offended, Nyamu stood by her use of tampons and affirmed her commitment to fighting for the young generation.

“If I was misunderstood, and I certainly was, I want to apologize to the youth and women of Kenya who were angered by my statement. I am sorry for any offense caused,” she said.

Nyamu emphasized her belief in President Ruto and her strong stance on the Finance Bill 2024, asserting her responsibility to convince young people of the President’s good intentions for the country.

“It is up to me, as an ambassador of this government, to show you and win you over by saying that you be patient, the President is working,” she said, pointing to the President’s move to appoint a task force to audit public debt as evidence of his commitment.

Despite the controversy, Nyamu maintained that the Finance Bill was designed to address critical issues such as public debt, though President Ruto ultimately declined to sign the controversial bill.

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