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Healthy breakfast options other than bread

Healthy breakfast options other than bread

For thousands of years, if there is one thing that has remained as the favourite breakfast of many – It’s the bread. It has been a staple food, various people, as it’s cheap and can be used to make a lot of dishes for breakfast.

It has been a convenient breakfast for those who are always in a hurry or who live alone. You can make sandwiches with them, eat it with butter/jam or just simply toast and enjoy with milk or coffee/tea.

However, as convenient as it could be for our daily breakfast, bread comes under the high-carb food category and is apparently not healthy at all. In order to eat healthily, it is important to let go of high-carbohydrate foods and opting bread out of your diet is the very first step towards it.

If you eat carbs in excess then it could lead to a few extra kilos, which can lead to several life-threatening diseases.

So, if the bread has too many carbohydrates, what to eat for breakfast then? Here are 5 easy substitutes to bread which you can easily adopt in your life..

Omelette with grilled vegetables

Breakfast is one of the important meals of the whole day and you can start your day with eggs by making a simple omelette with some grilled vegetables. It will not only provide you with the necessary energy for keeping throughout the day but nutrition as well.

Eggs are known to be rich in protein while the vegetables have so many vitamins and minerals. If you do not like grilled veggies, you can make a vegetable omelette instead. This would be stomach filling as well.

Healthy pancakes

In order to eat healthily, you can make yourself a pancake of millets or buckwheat, which is extremely delicious and nutritious. Unlike your regular pancake, millets are loaded with dietary fibre and vitamins and minerals and are a great source of energy.

Fruit yoghurt/Smoothie

If you love fruits, then you can simply chop them off in plain or Greek yoghurt and make yourself a fruit yoghurt. Top with some granola and your breakfast is ready.

This is a stomach-filling breakfast and is delicious too! You can also prepare smoothies as well in the breakfast, they really taste amazing and a great energy booster.


Instead of consuming bread for breakfast, you can quickly make a salad for yourself using some fresh veggies. Choose your favourite veggies and chop them off in a large bowl. Sprinkle some herbs and lemon dressing and your breakfast is ready. You can add some beans like kidney beans, chickpeas in it or even add some grains like – quinoa, or even rice.

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