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Hamisa Mobetto rumoured to be dating footballer Aziz Ki

Hamisa Mobetto rumoured to be dating footballer Aziz Ki

Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto is rumoured to be dating a footballer named Aziz Ki.He is a Cote D'voir born-Tanzanian based man who plays as a midfielder for Tanzanian Premier League club Young Africans (Yanga). 

Vanessa, the footballer's alleged girlfriend says she has no problem with their relationship.

"My spot has not been taken and no one can ever take my spot." 

Adding "I think she has her space in him and I have mine in him too. 

Hamisa has been rumoured to be dating the footballer following several cosy videos between the two. She has recently revealed that she and her Togolese lover Kevin Sowax are not together anymore.

"Yule tuliachana (we broke up) , its been a while since we parted ways."

She said the major reason for their break up was the long distance between them.

Hakukua na sababu maalum, swala moja ni umbali, yuko busy, niko busy and he is a very nice guy and I appreciate him and will always do."

(There's was no specific reason but the major thing was the distance. We are all busy)

Mobetto came into the East African spotlight as a result of her relationship with singer Diamond Platnumz.

Rick Ross and Hamisa resume flirting after her status declaration.



























































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