• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Frankie JustGymIt defends his new fashion choices involving heels and manicured nails

Frankie JustGymIt defends his new fashion choices involving heels and manicured nails

Fitness influencer Frankie Just GymIt has addressed growing speculation about his sexuality, following a significant shift in his fashion style.

In a video posted on his Instagram, the father of four elaborated on the reasons behind his new look and reiterated his confidence in his identity.

Frankie’s evolving style, which includes wearing heels and sporting manicured nails, has sparked curiosity and questions from his followers.

In the video, Frankie stated, "A lot of people have been asking me whether I am straight. I think because of my style and my fashion and how that has changed."


He emphasised his comfort with his sexuality and his self-assurance in his fashion choices.


Frankie explained that his fashion inspiration draws from iconic figures of the past, such as James Brown and Rick James, who were known for their bold and flamboyant styles.

"For me, it’s just fashion, it’s style. I can comfortably wear heels with a nice-looking outfit, which a lot of you guys have already seen on my platform," he stated.

The influencer's embrace of a more extravagant style is not just a statement but also a conversation starter.

"You will be so surprised, and this is a tip for guys looking to go out there and mingle. If you go out there looking different, nine times out of ten people will approach you," he shared.


Despite the change in his appearance, Frankie was clear about his sexual orientation, asserting, "I can say something and not feel a type of way about it because I know I love women. I love women so much I had to get a couple. That’s not even a question."

He acknowledged that some might perceive his style as unconventional or even effeminate, but he dismissed these notions, saying, "If you look at it, you may look at it that way, that this is a bit homosexual. For me, it’s just fashion."

Frankie also highlighted the positive reactions he receives due to his unique style, noting that his distinctive appearance often draws attention and compliments from women.

"Each time I go out, I get at least six to ten girls commenting about my nails, and that already is an ice breaker. They are so intrigued, they are so fascinated," he said.

The influencer however insisted that he is straight and not as many speculated.


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