• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Eric Omondi warns president Ruto against signing the Finance Bill into law

Eric Omondi warns president Ruto against signing the Finance Bill into law

Leading figures in Kenya’s creative industry have issued a stern warning to President William Ruto, urging him not to sign the Finance Bill 2024 into law, lest he faces irreversible consequences.

The impassioned plea was spearheaded by comedian-turned-activist Eric Omondi during a poignant ceremony at Carnivore Grounds on Friday evening, honouring his late brother Fred Omondi, tragically lost to a recent road accident in Nairobi.

Addressing President Ruto directly, Eric Omondi declared, “Do not attempt, do not think, do not imagine, do not dream, do not put pen to paper.”

Eric was franked by renowned artists including Churchill, MC Jessy, Dr Ofweneke, Terrence Creative, and DJ Shiti, when he warned, “Kenya will never be the same again.”

The cautionary note to President Ruto comes amidst escalating public outcry over the Finance Bill 2024, which seeks to introduce contentious tax measures across the nation.

This discontent was starkly evident at the 'Last Laugh' ceremony, where Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba faced a frosty reception from the audience, characterized by booing and jeering that abruptly cut short his speech.

Churchill’s attempt to diffuse the tension only marginally eased the atmosphere, highlighting the palpable resistance to the impending fiscal policies.

The Finance Bill 2024 has catalyzed nationwide protests, with demonstrations spreading across 17 regions including Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Eldoret.

Young Kenyans took to the streets in droves, braving police resistance in a show of defiance against what they perceive as a burdensome financial plan.

The protests, marked by a determination to be heard despite opposition affiliations, point to the widespread public dissatisfaction with the government’s proposed fiscal strategy.

Critics argue that President Ruto’s Ksh3.9 trillion financial blueprint is poised to strain the economy further, prompting calls for its outright rejection.

The bill, perceived as a means to fund ambitious national projects, has galvanized a diverse coalition of dissenters united in their demand for fiscal accountability and transparency.

Their rallying cry, “Ruto Must Go! Occupy Eldoret! Reject Finance Bill!” reverberates through streets and social media platforms alike, amplifying the urgency of their cause.


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