• Thursday, 01 December 2022
Diana Marua says she doesnt want to get pregnant anymore.

Diana Marua says she doesnt want to get pregnant anymore.

Diana Marua says Bahati should get a vasectomy so she does not get pregnant again "Aende Afungwe". Marua said finding out she was pregnant with her third child sent her into an emotional and mental breakdown. This is because she did not want to go through the horrible experiences she had when she was pregnant with their two kids.

The content creator then revealed that she wants her husband Kevin Bahati to sacrifice for the two of them by getting a vasectomy because at this point that is the only sacrifice he's supposed to do for me."Aende afunge vitu zake. I have sacrificed alot, nimembebea watoto huyu ni watatu, 9 months each time. I think i have closed." she said.

Diana Marua also said she has five children and handling her son Majesty is like handling three other kids, which was also why she hopes she will give birth to a daughter. When asked about what she thinks about what fans say about bahati's and Yvette Obura close relationship may lead to Bahati having another child with her. She says, " She respects my position, i respect hers. She respects my relationship with Bahati and i also respect hers. As long as Mueni is in our lives, she will always be part of our family and i cannot hide my husband, i think people saying all those things is usually background noise for me." she added. 



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    Gideon 3 months ago

    Some stories should not be told, because they don't have profit value.

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    Irene 3 months ago

    Diana's decision is hers and her family's because of the bad experiences she faced with her two kids which has nothing to do with her fans.These are family alied issues which just need family attention.