• Thursday, 30 November 2023
Diamond Platnamz's Wasafi finally introduces new signee, makes first performance with Diamond [Video]

Diamond Platnamz's Wasafi finally introduces new signee, makes first performance with Diamond [Video]

The newly introduced artist has already produced a 10-track album with collaborations with other Wasafi artists including Diamond himself.

Tanzanian superstar and CEO of Wasafi Record Label, Diamond Platnumz, has officially introduced his latest signee to the public.

Diamond and the entire Wasafi team had promised to unveil the new singer on November 16, and they delivered on that promise during 'The Swahili Night' event, headlined by Wasafi artists.

The newly introduced artist, known as Di Voice, showcased his talent by performing songs from his ten-track album.

The album features collaborations with Zuchu, Lava Lava, Mbosso, and Diamond himself.


Diamond expressed that despite the few collaborations in his album, Di Voice has primarily focused on producing singles


Speaking after the formal introduction, Di Voice said he was scared when he was approached by Diamond given the calibre of artist he has grown to be.

After inking his contract, Di Voice who is also known as Swahili Kid said he went home and just cried.


The introduction was followed by a captivating performance where Di Voice showcased his skills and entertained the audience with some of his notable songs, including collaborations with Diamond, Mbosso, Zuchu, and Lava Lava.

Babu Tale, one of the managers at Wasafi, revealed that the label had been cautious about signing new artists due to the departure of previous talents like Rayvanny and Harmonize.

He explained that the experiences with these departures led to the hesitation in bringing in new talent.

"Tumepata hofu, tulikua tunasaini faster lakini tumepata hofu, baada ya kuondoka kwa Rayvanny, Harmonize na Rich Mavoko," he said in a previous interview


Addressing the issue of substantial fees charged to artists for contract termination, Babu Tale defended the practice, stating that it is a standard procedure in the industry. According to him, artists are required to pay no less than Sh29 million (Tsh500 million) to terminate their contracts.

He emphasised that the fees are justified given the significant investments made in developing and promoting the artists.

However, Babu Tale clarified that not all artists are subjected to exit fees, citing Rich Mavoko as an example. Rich Mavoko left the label without making any payment and has not faced legal consequences.

Currently, the roster of Wasafi artists includes Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Mbosso, Lava Lava, and Queen Darleen, who has been relatively quiet for sometime.


Diamond's brother, RJ the DJ, is also a member of the team, although he is not primarily a musician.