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Clothing Options for Miss Flo

Clothing Options for Miss Flo

The most hated, but yet appreciated part of being a woman is the menstrual cycle. It is mainly appreciated during early womanhood when the last thing one needs is a baby. Any woman will tell you that that is the only good thing about Miss Flo. 

The mood swings, leakage, cramps, cyclic breast pains and back pains are just a few of what periods come with. Even with a regular cycle, periods are very unpredictable.




Women wish that when this time of the month comes around, the world would stop and time would stop until it is over. But if wishes were horses, all the ladies would make sure to hop on one.

Since life has to go on, one has to find outfits that they are comfortable in while going outdoors. The first step towards comfort is to have period-proof underwear.

Their qualities include absorption, durability and environmental friendliness. In addition, they are very discrete, no one will know you have one. Due to cyclic breast pains experienced before and during periods, having a supportive bra will be helpful.




Your girls need to be held in place hence curbing movement that will keep reminding you of your pains. Those lucky enough to have bed rest, have an option of wearing their period underwear underneath cosy pyjamas.

While stepping out, the number one rule is to not have white trousers, skirts or dresses on because you may never know when Miss Flo would want to be seen. Opt for dark-coloured outfits that will hide the red from the public. Running errands requires comfortable attire. This could be a sweat pants, a sweatshirt, a T-shirt and sneakers. 

Work and events are the most difficult places to be when you are on your period, especially if it is day one. It is advisable to try loose-fitting clothes like baggy official pants. This time of the month is not when you would want to have heels on.

Ditch them and go for comfortable sneakers, doll shoes or sandals. When it comes to events, avoid wearing dresses and skirts as much as you can. If that is impossible, pair the dresses with biker shots for extra security.

The hair needs to be taken care of. Most people prefer having their hair tied up in a ponytail style just to keep it away from the face area. One can use a hair clip, hair band or pin to do this. The goal is to be comfortable, not attract too much attention and be ready in case Miss Flo decides to mess you up.

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