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Chapati Mistress: How Social Media Changed My Life, Business

Chapati Mistress: How Social Media Changed My Life, Business

Kenyan online sensation Jackline Watahi, popularly known as ‘Chapati Mistress’, has credited her now successful business to social media.

Ms. Watahi, in an interview with Radio Maisha on Thursday, she had initially planned to sell her chapatis at a market in Kayole.

Her plan was to find the seed money to buy a sun-shielding umbrella and a jiko to sell chapatis near her home.

“Hiyo siku moja nilipost nilizieka kwa dish nikaenda kuuza Kayole soko, my intention was niuze nipate pesa kidogo ya kunua mwavuli na jiko,” she said.

On a casual day, the chapati-making expert posted her chapatis on Twitter only to come back from her day-to-day activities to several orders from online customers. 

“The game changer happened when I started posting them online. Nikipost chapati kwa mara ya kwanza, post ilienda viral, nilishtuka sana vile watu waliichukulia, kila mtu alianza ku-share,” she added.

She admits that she has gotten better with time, adding that she initially only made white chapatis but has now advanced to making a variety for her large section of customers.

“I’ve gotten better with time, nikianza nilikuwa napika tu chapati za white na hata hazikaribii hizi zenye napika saa hii. As people got to like my product, I re-invented. Nikaanza kupika za malenge, carrot, za dhania na pia za brown,” she said.

Ms. Watahi revealed that she was once a housewife and did not have any job or business venture.

However, once she separated from her husband three years ago after seven years of marriage, she had to find ways to sustain herself and her two children.

“I never used to do anything to be very honest. I was a housewife, but things went south and we separated,” she said.

She further stated that chapati is actually not her favorite meal, owing to the fact that she cooks it a lot as demanded by her now thriving business.

On business opportunities for the year 2022, the chapati guru said various companies have approached her and she projects it will be her most successful year yet.

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