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Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi announces split from footballer Neymar Jr

Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi announces split from footballer Neymar Jr

Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi has announced through Instagram that she no longer has a romantic relationship with famed soccer star Neymar Jr.

Bruna shared that while it is a private matter, she understands that she is a public figure and that is why she clarified the situation with her followers on social media.

In an Instagram story she shared with her followers, Bruna wrote: “This is a private matter. However, given my daily exposure to news, rumors, and jokes, I want to clarify that I have no relationship with anyone.”

She emphasized in her message that she wanted to share this with all her followers. “We are Mavie’s parents, and that is the reason for our bond. I hope they stop linking me to news stories - about alleged cases of Neymar’s infidelity. Thank you very much.”

The 31-year-old footballer and the 29-year-old model have navigated a tumultuous relationship full of ups and downs, frequently overshadowed by persistent rumors of infidelity on the part of the footballer. 

Brazilian gossip portal 'Em Off' even disclosed a confidentiality agreement that the couple had reportedly entered into.

According to the agreement, the Al-Hilal player and Biancardi allegedly had an open relationship, allowing the footballer to engage in relationships outside their relationship under specific conditions: maintaining discretion, using contraceptives, and refraining from kissing other women on the mouth.

On October 6th, Neymar and Bruna announced the arrival of the birth of their daughter on their Instagram accounts with a joint post. The couple posted a lovely carousel of photos featuring their newborn, Mavie.

"Our Mavie has arrived to complete our lives❤️ ?? Welcome, daughter!” they wrote in their post, revealing the name they chose for their baby. “You are already so loved by us... thank you for choosing us,” they added in their message.

The news of her pregnancy came shortly after they decided to give their relationship a second chance following several months apart. Unfortunately, issues of infidelity resurfaced, and Neymar took responsibility.

The player publicly acknowledged his wrongdoing and sincerely apologized to his partner, with whom he had announced he was having a child just a few months earlier.

He also admitted his faults and referred to her as the woman of his life.

“All of this affected one of the most special people in my life. The woman I envisioned being by my side... I can’t imagine myself without you,” he expressed.

To conclude, he stated, “I don’t know if it will work, but today I am certain that I want to try. Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win.”

Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi announces split from footballer Neymar Jr

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