• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Blessing Lung'aho talks about dealing with feeling like a fake and what he enjoys about social media

Blessing Lung'aho talks about dealing with feeling like a fake and what he enjoys about social media

Award winning thespian Blessing Lung'aho is letting the public in on his battle with imposter syndrome despite his overwhelming success.

The father of 2 also touched on a few things he loves about social media contrary to all the hate most social platforms receive due to the illusions they offer their users as well as the pressure that comes from such platforms.

"Social media has been the best lesson I've had to learn because people... especially in my support system, were forcing me to learn something called self-validation. It doesn't matter what a stranger on the internet says, you have to be able to tell yourself, 'if I don't know my worth then I won't get it from anyone else,' the Igiza star candidly stated during a session with the Reel Talk KE podcast.

Highlighting a few other things he loves about social media Blessing shared the joy he gets from being able to showcase his work especially with people who don't have streaming services as well as seeing his fans interacting with his content.

"People get to watch my work in snippets because some of them don't have access to Showmax or Netflix," the actor candidly said.

Touching on his imposter syndrome, and feelings of self doubt, Blessing divulged he constantly fights with the grappling fear of not being good enough despite being in the industry for a while and delivering powerful performances.

"I once got a script for a show and I knew I wasn't good enough to be in this one. I felt like I couldn't do this. I was like, what can I do? The father of 2 candidly said adding that his fear intensifies because he feels the overwhelming urge to over-deliver in his roles.

Lung'aho added that he gets such moments quite a lot with them being so bad sometimes that he contemplates quitting, especially when a character is a strong lead.

"They're moments of full-on attack from the imposter syndrome... But the moment you start, God kinda reminds you that I already got this one sorted out, just keep going," the actor added pointing out that his faith is what gets him through such moments.

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