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Actress Jackie Matubia clarifies ‘beef’ with second baby daddy Blessing Lung’aho

Actress Jackie Matubia clarifies ‘beef’ with second baby daddy Blessing Lung’aho

Actress Jackie Matubia has recently clarified her sentiments, which were interpreted by some as aimed at her estranged baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho.

The actress, who separated from Blessing shortly after the birth of their daughter, has occasionally made indirect references to him in public.

In her recent YouTube video, Jackie Matubia offered some advice to women, particularly those contemplating parenthood.


She emphasized the importance of choosing the right partner when deciding to have children.

“Mimi nawaambia, mkiamua kupata watoto, pateni watoto na watu wako na akili (I tell you when you decide to have children, make sure it’s with people who have brains),” Matubia stated before breaking into laughter.

She also admitted her own experiences, acknowledging that she may not be the best person to offer advice due to the mistakes she had made.


“I know I will see myself in the blogs. But it makes me happy – the good thing is that it is the truth,” she remarked, candidly addressing her past.

Jackie Matubia’s comments sparked various reactions from her fans and followers on social media.

While some expressed their understanding and support, others criticized her words as distasteful and bitter.

One follower, @Wambokamokeira, found the “watu wako na akili” (people with brains) part of Matubia’s statement unnecessary and disrespectful, considering that her ex, his family, and friends could potentially see her remarks.

Another comment from @dee.kay015 described Matubia as bitter and appealed to someone to show her love and kindness.

Furthermore, a fan, @kristinmwaniki5703, mentioned that people heal differently and suggested that Matubia’s remarks may have been a form of coping.

She added that it’s important to let her heal in her way.

In response to the criticism, Matubia defended her statements, explaining that she was not throwing shade but rather trying to convey the truth about people.

“I don’t know why people call it throwing shade but one y’all will know it wasn’t I was just trying to show you all the truth of how people are.”

Actor Blessing Lung’aho has maintained his silence on the details of their separation and relationship.

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