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1 Things Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe (Good style is timeless).

1 Things Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe (Good style is timeless).

One of the most powerful, and successful fashion designers in the world, Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, “Fashion fades; style is eternal.” Fashion comes and goes. One season this particular item is in, the next its out – forever evolving. Style on the other hand, is distinctive and timeless. You don’t have to necessarily follow every fashion trend that comes along but you have to have some sense of style and that style remains as is, no matter the season/place/occasion.  

Here’s a list of 11 must- haves in every man’s wardrobe. These essentials define style.

A crisp, white shirt. It perfectly compliments any look- From job interviews to weddings to formal events to basic day out, you can never miss an occasion to wear it. It blends in with just about anything.

Black leather shoes. We all have that one formal event that will require us to spruce up/ turn up and this right here, is your go to shoe wear. If you want to appear well put together for that event, it’s important to have the right shoes on hand to complete your every ensemble. A pair of black leather shoes is your answer.

A wrist watch. Despite having smart phones, nothing will ever beat that sense of style like wearing a wrist watch. They are a timeless classic accessory that will never fade away. Every man needs a good, solid watch. Great men have worn them since time immemorial and continue to do so. “For most men, a watch is their only accessory other than a wedding band. It’s a status symbol and can say quite a lot about someone,” Tom Ford.

Tailored shorts. They give you that casual yet very suave, stylish summer look. In addition, they not only help flaunt your assets (moisturized legs) to the public but tailored shorts also allow those legs to breathe. Talk about a super stylish relaxed wear and you have tailored shorts.

Sweat pants. This is the essential apparel for the weekend when you want to take it easy. From simply chilling in the house to going to the supermarket or just strolling around the neighborhood. Its easy and quick to put on and well, ask around, women love to see a man in sweatpants, for that eye candy view.

White sneakers. They look great with any casual outfit. The fact that they are white (and cleanliness is next to Godliness) you come across as a well put together individual. You definitely earn a lot of points when you rock up in these- stunners.

Boxer Briefs. We all need to bring our A game in bed and this includes having some sexy underwear. It’s part of the seduction game. A boxer brief entices her to want to touch and see what’s in store/ the package. Boxer briefs hold your ‘jewel’ right in proper position, without it dangling all over the place.

Cufflinks. Operation adopt cufflinks. They are one of the few pieces of jewelry that offers men the opportunity to display their unique style. You really do stand out when you have cufflinks on and lets be honest- they make you look classy. They do add a certain je ne sais quoi to your overall look.

Chelsea Boots. Nothing is as elegant and sexy yet comfortable on your feet like Chelsea Boots. The picture below speaks for itself. Best thing about them is they can be worn with virtually any piece of clothing from casual wear/ jeans to tailored suits. One huge advantage is they can be taken off easily or on in a couple of seconds, thanks to being a slip on boot. These shoes will certainly get you noticed.

Short Sleeve Button Down shirt. This versatile piece of garment comes in handy for any occasion from casual days out to parties that call for a dressier look without going over the top. It is elegant yet still maintains a simplistic feel to it and if you have the arms to show off, then this is definitely your go to.

Sunglasses. Besides protecting you from the sun, their primary function are an unmistakable touch of style to whatever you’re wearing, to whatever occasion. They bring meaning to the words, eye candy.

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