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Witchcraft and other rituals in the State House, according to Lee Njiru

Witchcraft and other rituals in the State House, according to Lee Njiru

Aside from tribalism, some of the people I worked with went to incredible lengths to keep their employment and other favors. Working at the State House was financially rewarding.

Allowances were generous, overseas travels were frequent, and influence was so tremendous that being removed from this position of power was terrible and humiliating.

To avoid this, junior officers provided money to those with the power to recruit and transfer. Some ladies, even married ones, provided sexual favors in exchange for the right to remain at State House. Those who believed in otherworldly interventions used witchcraft and various occult sciences.

Farts in the President's Office

A senior lady at the State House was spotted with her pants dropped and farting in President Moi's office. Her farts were going everywhere.

Fortunately, the farts were ineffective, producing just a crackling noise similar to gunshots. The lady's shaky morals were widely known. She was worried that President Moi would find out and have her relocated. That's why she sought counsel from a witch doctor. She was fortunate that a fellow tribesman caught her executing this terrible practice. They solved the problem in their own way.

In another event, President Moi arrived at State House, Nairobi, sooner than scheduled. He had some visitors who wanted to take pictures with him. Unfortunately, the on-duty photographer had not yet arrived.

Another incident occurred when President Moi arrived at State House in Nairobi earlier than scheduled. He had some visitors who wanted to take a picture with him. Unfortunately, the on-duty photographer had not come.

Wilberforce Onamu, the Presidential Press electronics engineer, and I were both capable of snapping images. To get the camera, we broke into a photographer's drawer. We were astonished to see that the camera was attached to the tail of a squirrel. Regardless, I used the camera and took some lovely pictures. Onamu became terrified and refused to touch the camera.

Juju from Zanzibar

A high-security official who was also a member of the presidential bodyguards and practiced witchcraft. I used to see him with a light-skinned middle-aged man whenever we were in Mombasa. I didn't know his real name because he was known as 'Vespa.'

This is because he used to ride a 'Vespa' scooter. He appeared to me to be a cross between an Arab and a black person. I couldn't figure out what drew these two together. At first, I assumed it was because the security guard was part Caucasian and half black. The coastal gent was illiterate and boorish.

The security guard was also illiterate but skilled at his job. He avoided the company of intelligent people because he couldn't handle intellectual challenges. 'Vespa' let the cat out of the bag one day in Mombasa. "Are you adequately protected?" "I've got fresh supplies from Zanzibar," he insisted. "What supplies?" I inquired. "Paraphernalia to keep you on the job."

It will also protect you from backstabbing. "All bad schemes against you will be made ineffective," he said. "Have you been successful in safeguarding anyone I know?" I was curious. He told me, without hesitation, that the security officer was one of his most important clients. He also stated that the security officer was reinforced once a month.

I told him flatly that if I became involved in such filthy and repugnant behaviors, my mother would curse me. It looked to me that the seller of these magical devices and potions did not believe in their efficacy and was taking advantage of the officers' gullibility.

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