• Saturday, 22 June 2024
Why  Myanmar has become a popular destination for trafficked East Africans

Why Myanmar has become a popular destination for trafficked East Africans

Models, saleswomen, and English teachers are invited to apply for jobs in marketing, language classes, and translation on a Facebook page that appears frequently in the East African region.

And the promised pay is generous by East African standards. A job posting for a "sales specialist" offers a monthly salary of 7,5000 Thai Baht (approximately KSh256,000 or $2,098). A bilingual translator can earn up to $3,000 per hour working primarily in call centers with clients who speak English or another language. It is preferable if you speak Chinese and are white, but good looks are sufficient.

The qualification shown in the advertisement is straightforward. You must be a university graduate with strong communication skills and a "joyous" personality. Furthermore, a human relations manager earning Ksh150,000 ($1,229 per month) can more than double their take-home pay if they hire more employees. According to one offer, they will be paid $139 times the number of employees under their supervision.

Guaranteed flight ticket
The jobs also require fast typing skills and the ability to relocate to Thailand with the promise of having their visas sorted and a flight ticket guaranteed.

According to a Kenyan Foreign and Diaspora Affairs ministry bulletin, this type of recruitment has resulted in more East Africans fleeing to Thailand but ending up enslaved in Myanmar.

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