• Thursday, 01 December 2022
What no one says about marriage, but I will!

What no one says about marriage, but I will!

If your spouse is your buddy, you will have an intimacy that no other human being can provide.

"Don't tell the starry-eyed newlywed that one day they'll look at each other and wonder if they've made the worst mistake of their lives."

They say it behind closed doors, then smile and tell us to swear to love and cherish one other for the rest of our lives.

"Don't warn them that they will sometimes purposefully hurt each other."
Those who have been married to their spouse for more than a decade must have experienced this notion as well.

Only after the tenth year can you genuinely join a high school in terms of marriage. I have yet to earn a college degree in marriage, but I am now certified to teach kindergarten. These crucial facts are to be incorporated into the curriculum as I create it. You'll be disappointed, disillusioned, and jaded. Prepare yourself.

This will make you upset at all the married folks who provide a rosy, picture-perfect vision of marriage. Why didn't they say that they've pondered quitting on occasion?


If your spouse is your friend, you will have an intimacy that no other human being can provide.
You will have memories that you will be unable to erase. You will give birth to life or lives!

You'll attempt to integrate and balance these identities until one day you look in the mirror and declare, "No. I'm not required to be a superhero. "I am sufficient."

You will go through extensive character development that not even a psychotherapist could help you with. A spouse might tell you things about yourself that are accurate but nevertheless painful to hear.

It will be difficult for you to sleep alone in a bed. Something about sharing a bed with someone else every day, week, and year strengthen your tie with your spouse more than those with whom you have shared a womb.

You'll have trouble sleeping while he's on the road. You'll realize that you're so used to the rhythmic snoring that the eerie silence gives you the creeps.

You will truly become one! You will have a similar appearance and voice. You'll both want to kill anyone who tries to separate you with your bare hands.

Your heart will bleed, your sun will go out, and your very life will leak out of you if your spouse breaks the connections for another love interest.

You'll feel lonely. You promised to abandon everything for the one you married, but they will not always be there for you or with you.

You will miss the 'high' of receiving new attention, the excitement of meeting a new love partner, the naivety of trusting every word, and the enormous promise it carries.