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Unreciprocated Love's Ups and Downs: The agony of not being loved back

Unreciprocated Love's Ups and Downs: The agony of not being loved back

Is there anything worse than discovering that the person you've spent your entire life falling in love with does not love you back? Unrequited love stinks. However, once you get past the pain, you may discover that there is more to be gained from unrequited love than you anticipated.

Unrequited love occurs when one person develops romantic feelings for another person who does not reciprocate. Basically, you've been "friend-zoned," and the love you're giving isn't being returned in any way. It's a harsh reality, but it happens all the time.

There are numerous scenarios that would be considered unrequited love. It's all unrequited love, whether you're falling for someone who doesn't feel the same way, attempting to pursue someone who is already in a relationship, harboring lingering feelings for a past partner, or finding yourself in the awkward situation of mutual attraction between two people who are already in relationships.

There are numerous reasons why you might find yourself in these situations. One possibility is that you "long for physical touch". Unrequited love occurs when you reach out to someone for physical contact and that person rejects your advances. You may also be elevating the individual.

This is when you believe someone is "perfect," which is a dangerous belief to hold. When you believe someone is perfect, you are focusing on one aspect of that person while ignoring all others. These are unhealthy ways to love someone, especially when none of these feelings or advances are returned. That being said, it is all too easy to fall into unrequited love, and most of the time, heartbreak follows.

Here are some suggestions for dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak:


Make time for yourself. You should allow yourself some time to mourn.

Spend the night in. Pamper yourself, put on a face mask, light some candles, play a video game, listen to your favorite music, invite some friends over — whatever it takes to divert your attention and cheer you up for the evening. It also never hurts to watch a rom-com that will make you believe in love even after you've been through the nightmare that is unrequited love.

Accept the defeat. Allow yourself some time to process the unreturned love before attempting to accept what has occurred. You'll feel much better about moving on once you've done so.

Consider your previous relationship patterns. It's easy to see why you wouldn't want to go through this again. Find the patterns that led you to the unrequited love and make sure they don't happen again.

Make a date! Starting over is the first step toward progress. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet someone you've been interested in before, someone from a dating app, or a potential lover who has fallen into your lap!


If you are struggling after a breakup, you can also seek help from a professional.

The tragedy of unrequited love is heartbreaking, but it can also teach you some valuable lessons through the pain. One of the most important lessons to learn is to love the one person who will always be there for you — yourself.

Look in the mirror instead of relying on another person to bring love into your life. You know yourself better than anyone else, so why put yourself under pressure to look elsewhere? Unrequited love will also make you reconsider your dating life. Nobody has any control over how they feel or who they are drawn to.

Love is a mysterious feeling, and while being rejected is frightening, it's better to be clear. Your heartbreak will also teach you the art of healing.

Learning how to get back up again is essential in life. Mistakes will be made, lovers will come and go, and rejections will occur — but at least you will have gained experience.

Lost love will always be a thorn in life's rose. Every heartbreak hurts, no matter how long it has passed. Take care of yourself if you ever experience heartbreak.

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