• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
UDA,ANC parties merge to form a new political party

UDA,ANC parties merge to form a new political party

President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance Party may be bound for a new chapter after a merger was announced on Wednesday.

Speaking on Wednesday, the Amani National Congress (ANC) party Leader Issa Timamy stated that the party would be merging with the president to create a new political outfit.

Following a meeting held at State House, on Wednesday morning, Issa Timamy noted that it was an idea whose time had come and further citing that both parties would now form a new political unit.

“The conversation today is therefore within our party rules, the conversation today is one whose time has come,” stated Timamy.

He further assured his party members stating that while change was uncertain for their members it would be in their best interests to join into a bigger formation.

“The first anchor or pillar is merger by amalgamation which is our preferred merger process by this our respective ANC and UDA will form a new political party which we shall all join as members,” stated Timamy.

Speaking at the meeting which was held in Statehouse Nairobi, the former party leader, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi supported the move stating that it eliminated the conflict of interest between him and the President following Ruto appointing him to the position.

On behalf of the UDA party, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah stated that the merger was prompted by the relations between UDA’s members and those of the ANC.

“We have found it very easy to work with ANC, let me just confirm to these members of ANC that those of us in UDA we have all our hands pen to welcome you to one bigger team for the sake of our country,” stated Ichung’wah.

The merger comes at a time when there have been speculations of a fallout within the United Democratic Alliance party.

Recent developments that have played out in the public scene have seen Rutos allies go after Deputy President Gachagua in their speeches.

On the other hand, Gachagua’s allies have continued to hit out at the President and his allies citing Gachagua’s sidelining and denial of resources by the government.


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