• Thursday, 01 December 2022
The winner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will receive Sh5.1 billion.

The winner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will receive Sh5.1 billion.

FIFA, the world football governing body, has set aside millions of shillings for countries participating in the World Cup and clubs that have provided players.

FIFA announced in early 2022 that the winners of the 22nd World Cup would take home Sh5.1 billion.

This is Sh732 million more than France received in Russia in 2018 and nearly Sh3.3 billion more than Italy received in Germany in 2006.

The prize for just qualifying for the world's most-watched event was Sh146.4 million. This will rise to Sh1.586 billion for the team that is eliminated in the round of 16.

A quarter-final exit will earn the losers Sh2.074 billion each.

The third and fourth place finishers will each receive Sh3.294 billion and Sh3.05 billion.

The winners and runners-up will receive Sh5.124 billion and Sh3.66 billion, respectively, in their bank accounts.

In 2018, the winner received Sh4.634 billion, the runner-up Sh3.414 billion, and the bronze medalist received Sh2.931 billion. Fourth place was Sh2.687 billion, followed by positions 5-8 Sh1.954 billion, 9-16 Sh1.465 billion, and 17-32 Sh977.2 million.

In Qatar, clubs that contributed players will receive Sh25.498 billion in compensation. Clubs that allow their players to represent their national teams at the World Cup, clubs with the most players, and clubs whose players stay the longest in the tournament will all receive significant compensation through the FIFA Club Benefits Programme.

National obligation
Bayern Munich leads the list of clubs with the most players in Qatar (17), followed by Manchester City of England and Barcelona of Spain (16 each), Qatari side Al Sadd (15), Manchester United of England (14), Real Madrid of Spain (13), and Saudi Arabian heavyweights Al Hilal Saudi (12).

Every player called up for national duty, regardless of whether or not he plays, is compensated by the club.

In Qatar, 416 clubs are represented. Each club will receive Sh1.22 million in compensation for one player per day during their participation in the tournament.

The compensation begins two weeks before the World Cup and ends one day after a team's journey in the tournament is completed. It means that if a club's player makes the final, the club will receive Sh45.103 million.

Fifa launched the program in 2010 to recognize the critical role they play in the tournament's success.