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Student drug and alcohol use is on the rise.

Student drug and alcohol use is on the rise.

On Friday nights, entertainment venues near college campuses are frequently completely full. Customers under the age of 26 make up the majority, primarily students.

Others plan gatherings in dorms. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology student Brian claims that events are also planned off campus.

For new students, the gatherings have evolved into introductions to alcohol and other substances.

It is disturbing how much university and college students are using drugs, with some of them needing rehab. Even some students have left their universities.

Many students who abstain from alcohol typically use tobacco, bhang, and other drugs. People who don't take drugs either belong to religious groups or have made the decision not to, according to Brian.

Technical University of Mombasa student,Dickens acknowledges his addiction. The 21-year-old has tried in vain to stop using drugs. Simple chores like paying attention in class have become impossible.

"When I was in Form Two, I first encountered narcotics. I began out by consuming alcohol and bhang. When I started university, things started to go bad," says Dickens.

He adds that because they are widely accessible both on and off campus, other students exposed him to stronger substances.


"We gather to smoke and consume various substances at an area called Manyani. Despite numerous attempts, the institution has been unable to prevent students from gathering there, according to him.


Alcohol, cannabis, heroin, and cigarettes are all common substances.


Methamphetamine (often known as "meth") and codeine are other drugs that are available over-the-counter.


Another student, Roykas, claims that it has not been simple for him to overcome addiction.

"After Form Four, narcotics were first introduced to me. Addiction is difficult to overcome. You discover that you confess in church today but drink tomorrow. I skipped class. My senior year came after almost six years. I would get wasted and skip exams in class. I came to the realization that I had to take action to overcome the addiction," he claims.

Roykas claims that students smuggle drugs into their dorm rooms for personal use and resale. Additionally, they bake with marijuana. Additionally, drug usage is not just a problem for one gender.

In order to determine the scope of the issue at colleges, the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) is undertaking a research.

According to recent studies on the degree of substance usage among primary and secondary school students, people start using drugs while they are very young.

According to primary school research, adults are the ones who first introduce kids to drugs.

According to the research, 14.4 percent of secondary school pupils have tried tobacco, 17.9 percent have used marijuana, and 23.4% have consumed alcohol. Additionally, it revealed that 7.5% had used marijuana, 1.2% had used heroin, and 1.1% had used cocaine (cocaine).

Alcohol is the substance that is most commonly misused, according to a general population survey, with 12.2% of those in the 15–65 age range reporting current usage.

10.4% of people between the ages of 15 and 65 who abuse alcohol have a drug use disorder. Tobacco comes next with an 8.3% prevalence rate, miraa is at 4.1%, and cannabis is at 1%. Alcohol abuse also contributes to the highest burden of substance use disorders.


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