• Tuesday, 25 June 2024
Senator urges Lamu women to have more children.

Senator urges Lamu women to have more children.

Lamu Senator Joseph Githuku Kamau has launched a program to provide monetary incentives to pregnant women throughout the county.

Mr Githuku announced the program at Faza Primary School in Lamu East Sub-County, saying the move is an incentive for women to stop using family planning methods and instead focus on having as many children as possible.

Mr Githuku contended that more births would increase the county's political bargaining power, forcing the national government to allocate more funds to Lamu.

Lamu has a population of 143,920 people, according to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census.

According to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Lamu has only 79,157 registered voters.

In comparison to the other 47 counties, Lamu has the lowest population in terms of both residents and registered voters.


Mr Githuku stated that Lamu's low population is detrimental in many ways, emphasizing the need for residents to rise to the occasion.

The senator declared that every pregnant woman he encounters will receive Sh500 in cash.

He said a special team would go around the county, rewarding every pregnant woman seen, even as he urged men, particularly young men, to work hard on the 'project.'

Lamu County has received the least annual funds allocation from the national treasury since the start of devolution in 2013, ranging from Sh1.5 billion to no more than Sh4 billion.


Mr Githuku insists that the county's current low allocations are directly related to Lamu's small and low population growth.

"I have faced challenges in parliament every time I complain about the low revenue allocation for Lamu. "Unfortunately, I am rendered helpless when the argument is based on population," Mr Githuku explained.

The legislator also stated that he is sponsoring all Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Primary 2 (PP1 and PP2) learners in Lamu County.

He urged Lamu's county government to improve the health sector so that his ongoing campaign to encourage people to give birth would be successful.

"I have now opened the gates for you, the youth who have gathered here. Please put in extra effort. "Once the child is born and of school-going age, he or she will directly be Senator Githuku's burden in PP1 and PP2," Mr Githuku said.


He also stated that discussions were taking place between his office and that of Lamu Governor Issa Timamy in order to implement a free school feeding program across the county by January 2023.

He also revealed that he initiated talks with the Education Cabinet Secretary and other Ministry of Education officials, which resulted in funds being allocated to some schools in Lamu County facing hardships to enable them to implement free feeding programs.

"In Boni forest, we have primary schools such as Mkokoni, Milimani, Mararani, Mangai, Kiunga, Kiangwe, Basuba, and Bar'goni, and funds have already been disbursed in their accounts to undertake a feeding program as a pilot project," Mr Githuku explained.

According to Abdallah Yusuf of Faza village, many people are willing to bear enough children but are concerned about the difficult economic situation.

"Provided there's an elaborate plan to assist us to educate, feed, shelter, and provide clothing to our children, why not give birth to even ten children? We applaud the senator's initiative to sponsor PP1 and PP2. "We need more leaders like this," Mr Yusuf said.

Following the Senator's comments, Salma Bwanamkuu says she will have to reconsider having more children.

Ms Bwanamkuu is a mother of two who has already completed the chapter of motherhood.

"I had ceased childbirth. My family consists of two children. "I will have to talk to my husband about having another two children," Ms Bwanamkuu said.

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