• Tuesday, 25 June 2024
Ruto-Everything is on course, I'm not a liar

Ruto-Everything is on course, I'm not a liar

President William Ruto has insisted that his administration will deliver its manifesto to the people of Kenya. 

The head of state said his team will work on youth employment as promised during the campaigns. 

"Mimi sitaki kukua mtu muongo, tulisema tutapanga ajira ya vijana wetu, hio ndio mpango, tulisema tutapanga vizuri, na msiniruke, tuko kwa safari, " he said. 

(I don't want to be a liar, we said we will plan on youth employment, that's the plan, we will plan well and we are on that journey) 

He added that the housing project will be able to create employment for the youth as he is going to ground-break the construction of 5,000 houses in Embu County. 


"For every house, we will need five youth to help in construction. For the 5,000 houses, we will need 25,000 youth for the work. Creating jobs is not a game of guesswork, it has to be planned," he said. 

Ruto noted that with various projects like agro-processing, and digital jobs across the country, more opportunities will be created.


"It is our agenda to have a plan of how young people will work and be able to contribute their energy and talent in driving the economy of our country," he added. 

Ruto is in Embu County for the SMEs, Cooperatives and Revenue Expo, held at Embu University.

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