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Rex Kanyike Killing: Mother Shares Her Anguish, Alleges Police Stood By as Her Son Bled, Indifferently Saying 'Let Him Die'.

Rex Kanyike Killing: Mother Shares Her Anguish, Alleges Police Stood By as Her Son Bled, Indifferently Saying 'Let Him Die'.

Gilian Munyau, the mother of 24-year-old Rex Kanyike Masai who was shot dead by police during the anti-finance bill demonstrations in Nairobi on Thursday, now says that the officers could have rushed her son to hospital before he bled out but they heartlessly chose not to; instead telling him to die where he lay.

Addressing journalists outside City Mortuary on Friday, Gilian expressed anguish recounting how she received news of her son's shooting around 7pm. By the time she arrived in the Nairobi CBD, her son had already succumbed to injuries.

"Nilipigiwa simu saa moja jioni nikaambiwa Rex ameshootiwa kwa mguu, in the left thigh na walimpeleka to a nearest clinic apo Archives inaitwa Bliss. Nikifika town sikupata yuko hai.  His friend ndiye alinipigia akitumia simu ya Rex akaniambia walikuwa wametoka kazini wakienda town," she said. 

According to Gilian, Rex and his friend were heading home when police lobbed teargas canisters to scatter the protesters, prompting everyone to scamper for safety. One officer was however captured shooting directly into the crowd.

"Wakisimama hapo karibu na archives, (polisi) wakatupa teargas. Ile direction alikimbilia ndio alishootiwa. Wenzake ilibidi wakimbie sababu walikuwa wanakimbilia maisha yao," she said.

When the smoke cleared, Rex's friend returned to check on him only to find him shot and bleeding out. He urgently sought help from a passerby to assist in taking Rex to hospital.

While doing this, Rex's friend and the passerby reportedly encountered police and asked for their help, but the boys in blue coldheartedly turned down their request.

"After polisi kutoka, rafiki mmoja akarudi nyuma kuangalia Rex ako aje akapata amebleed kabisa,akaita mpita njia. Mpita njia akamsaidia so wakaona polisi nearby; wakawaambia wawasaidie na ambulance ama usaidizi wowote wampeleke hospitali juu bado alikuwa hai. Polisi wakasema wacha (Rex) akufe huko na wakaendelea na safari yao," the grieving mother lamented.  

Rex subsequently passed away from excessive bleeding. It is reported that he spent more than 20 minutes trying to seek medical attention before being rushed to Bliss Medical Centre along Moi Avenue where he was confirmed dead on arrival. 

Rex's father on his part expressed shock at his son's killing, saying: "It was so shocking to hear the news. I was in town yesterday and the demos were so peaceful."  

"Kuchukua his body was a problem because the police claimed iilikua chini ya serikali. The process delayed up to around 12 am when his body was brought to City Mortuary."

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, who was also at City Mortuary, now wants action taken against Inspector General (IG) of Police Japhet Koome and the rogue police officer who reportedly killed Rex. 

"The only crime Rex committed was to fight for the draconian finance bill not to go through. We're demanding as members of the public and we're pursuing this to the very end to ensure the rogue police is arrested," Babu said. 

"For the very first time in Kenyan history, this was the most peaceful demonstration there was no need of using bullets and excessive force. We demand for his arrest and prosecution, IG Koome should be prosecuted too. The violation of the right to life by the police should be compensated too  but you can't compare that since a life was lost."

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has launched investigations into the fatal shooting.

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