• Saturday, 22 June 2024
Migori: Residents Want Trans-Border Road Tarmacked To Enhance Trade

Migori: Residents Want Trans-Border Road Tarmacked To Enhance Trade

The poor state of an important road linking Kenya and Tanzania at the base of Lake Victoria is affecting movement of goods and services across the two countries.

Unlike Namanga, Sirare and Malaba borders, the road leading to the border point in Muhuru-Bay, in Nyatike Constituency, Migori County, has been neglected and is slowly dying.

Residents say that the feeder road has become impassable due to the ongoing rains.

“This is an important road, but it's slowly dying because it has not been maintained. You can see pools of water and overgrown grass covering the road,” said Otimbo Bageni, a resident of  Muhuru-bay.

The said road leads to the Kenya Immigration offices located right at the border point with Tanzania – and is the only official passage into Tanzania from the lakeside town.

The other nearest official border point is in Sirare, which is over 68 kilometres away. One has to travel over 40 kilometres to Migori first, before diverting to Sirare, another 31 kilometres.

Residents say that they trade a lot with their neighbours from Tanzania, most of whom bring foodstuffs into Kenya – and buy commodities which they carry back.

The road, however, has become a common hindrance to trade and development.

“They can start by putting in place a marram road, then later have it tarmacked,” said Otimbo.

Bodaboda riders in Muhuru-Bay say their operations are often affected by the poor state of the road.

“Many traders would rather cross into Kenya or Tanzania through the Sirare border, because our roads are very bad,” said Otimbo.

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