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Reason why women secrets will always outsmart men

Reason why women secrets will always outsmart men

There is a mountain called mount Makalio somewhere in the belly of Tanzania. Someone did a huge disservice and constructed a massive road that connects Namanga to Arusha in the space that was hitherto intended to stay in the wild like a treasure.

It is a sight to behold that can only be associated to the female anatomy. From the apex of the hill, erosion has run down the terrain and swept away the soil leaving gravel and rocks exposed in a landmark run that stops only at the foot of the hill and extending further down in and ending that look like blood capillaries.

I see lots of scholarly approaches towards attempts to understand women's psychology. Both women and men have thrown their hats in the ring of trying to unearth the female mind as far as relationships are concerned.

While we have to appreciate that they have admittedly come very close especially our own who have chosen to expose our secrets to the enemy, none of them has come close to a comprehensive template answer to the way different women think or act in various situations.

It is now common knowledge that women do as many shoddy things as men do around this town. Now, there are high-end brothels that serve our desires and gigolos who roughly drink from our well without manners as we wish. Previously it was men that visited the women of the street and wives were left home to pray for them to regain their minds. Not anymore.

The only difference between the two genders is that women's secrets stay as secrets until they are ready to be caught voluntarily. Men on the other hand are like open books that can be read from as far as the gate when they approach home having taken a sip of Fatuma in Eastleigh block 10. They simply cannot camouflage guilt or delete messages from their phones in time.

Some contributors to the debate say that, when women are emotionally withdrawn from their man, it is a sign that they are entertaining another. Others argue that we freeze sex when we are getting it elsewhere yet some women report that the external escapades can also turn them into love monsters at home who maul the resident servicemen madly simply because the switch was left on by an intruder, not because they like them one bit. Nature allows us to switch our emotions on and off and can still blame menses and hormonal fluctuations to be understood when asked to account.

Let us just say that what we see on the surface is exactly how the inside of a vessel is designed. Men are simple creatures who ferry around gonads that dangle free for all and sundry to see. No wonder they pick UTI’s from public toilets every so often in their lifetime. They cannot hide anything under the sun. You see, a man can either rise to the occasion or cannot and there is no way to hide either version.

We on the other hand are more complicated than the convoluted vault or the winding turns of the small intestine. The creator never intended us to be open books like men. On the outside, tailors have to understand the math on our anatomy to balance the hips and breasts and also produces a perfect fit that hugs our bellies with honor.

Recently though, we have adopted a trajectory that is causing a lot of confusion on the mating scene. We want to be looked at in the yes and engaged in the brain objectively in conversations but the reality is that this is something we can only do in the official spaces where we talk to colleagues and men we are not attracted to romantically. Once, a man sweeps us off our feet we become a complex blend of both worlds, wanting to be heard and expecting to be interpreted in silence.

Unlike the Asian contractor who opened up Makalio for all eyes to pry, we are supposed to be well tucked in regardless of how rugged the lagoons may be. Features like lopoliths and deltas caused by erosion as water enters the lake are unique sights that were intended to stay in the wild until Geographers with their drones went digging for details and ruining the fun of the silent in the processes that feed the lake to keep it fresh.

The abstractness is where our mystery lies. It is what keeps a man glued and trying to discover what he already knows time and time again.


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