• Thursday, 13 June 2024
Prime CS Mudavadi To Uhuru And Raila: ‘Don’t Provoke The Government!’

Prime CS Mudavadi To Uhuru And Raila: ‘Don’t Provoke The Government!’

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has now called upon the opposition Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party to stop what he terms as provoking and taunting the President William Ruto administration.

Mudavadi spoke on Wednesday during a question and answer session in the National Assembly, coming a few hours after chaos was witnessed at the former President Uhuru Kenyatta-led Jubilee Party headquarters in a longstanding leadership dispute pitting two camps.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah, in his question to Mudavadi, alleged that Uhuru was accompanied by a gang of rowdy youth that caused the chaos.

He hence wanted to know from the Prime CS what measures the government is putting in place to deal with such purportedly rowdy and violent groupings.

“This afternoon we have witnessed the former President lead a gang of goons to take over an office and where I come from Mungiki has been a huge menace, and when we see Mungiki thriving we get concerned; more so when we see elements associated with Mungiki being led by a former President,” stated Ichung’wah.

In his response, Mudavadi insisted on the rule of law, saying that the government is ready to ensure that everyone Kenya follows the law to the later.

“If there are people walking in the streets with Mungiki and guns, surely those people are not attracting foreign direct investment, let alone local investment, we have to grow out of those awkward practices and move forward to get the country of its feet,” he said.

Mudavadi went ahead to reiterate that the President Ruto government is legitimately in place, further dismissing any chance that the opposition team will ever have a second stab at the presidency before the 2027 polls.

“’Even if there is the kind of provocation we see in some quarters, we shall still observe the rule of law while at the same time exercise restraint from the aspects of being seen as vindictive. It’s not our intention to be vindictive, but provocation must also be put aside,” he said.

Mudavadi lamented the demonstrations that have been called by the opposition saying they’re only leading to the destruction of property and scaring away potential investors as well as efforts to revive the economy.

“Let us move away from the temptation to imagine that we can have elements which want to provoke government to be seen as infective or vindictive, that is not our agenda, we want to revive the economy of this country,” said the Prime CS.

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