• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
President Ruto set to chair parliamentary group meeting to discuss rifts in the UDA party

President Ruto set to chair parliamentary group meeting to discuss rifts in the UDA party

The Chief Whip of the ruling coalition, Silvanus Osoro, now says the Deputy President will be reprimanded before the Head of State when he chairs the UDA parliamentary group on Tuesday morning. 

Osoro says MPs within the party are fed up with the DP's arrogance and misconduct and want the President to take action against him once and for all. 

Some of the accusations leveled against Gachagua include undermining the Office of the President and propagating tribalism.

For over a week now, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has made headlines across television screens, publications, and even on social media. 

His quest to unite the Mt Kenya region has seemingly rubbed President William Ruto's allies the wrong way. While calling for unity within Central Kenya, where he comes from, Gachagua has been called out for propagating tribalism, and others have accused him of insubordination.

On several occasions, Gachagua has not attended Statehouse events. When President Ruto departed for Italy last week, Gachagua, who was at the airport, cast a pale shadow of his former self in the presence of the man who picked him to deputize him. 

However, today Gachagua was conspicuously absent at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport when the Head of State jetted back.

As President Ruto prepares to chair a UDA parliamentary group meeting at State House Nairobi on Tuesday morning, the ruling coalition's Chief Whip has said Gachagua will face the music.

Osoro says leaders from the party will raise issues about Gachagua's misconduct before the Head of State, and they expect the party leader to reprimand his deputy.

According to Osoro, Gachagua has been undermining the position of the President by propagating the seclusion of one region from others while calling for the "one man, one vote, one shilling" formula of sharing resources.

Several UDA leaders have also taken issue with Gachagua's stance when he told MPs to stop touring other constituencies and focus on developing their regions.

Gachagua has remained firm over his remarks, saying he will continue to speak the truth.

While fireworks are expected in tomorrow's meeting, it must be noted that Gachagua also has several sympathizers within UDA, and it remains to be seen whether they too will raise issues before the Head of State against MPs who have been shouting him down and why he continues to be undermined by the presidency whenever he requires government resources to perform his duties.


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