• Thursday, 30 November 2023
President Ruto Responds to Raila over G-to-G Oil deal claims

President Ruto Responds to Raila over G-to-G Oil deal claims

President William Ruto has responded to Opposition leader Raila Odinga claims on the government-to-government oil deal signed by Kenya.   

Speaking on Friday in Nairobi, Ruto stated that Raila's 'dossier' was baseless and inconsequential. 

The President stated that the oil deal was conducted openly and transparently adding that it was necessary to ease the pressure on the Dollar.


"The International oil companies sell fuel directly to oil marketers in Kenya, the Government of Kenya is not a broker, the entire process is private sector driven. Our business as a government is to underwrite that this transaction will not go haywire," Ruto said.

The head of State explained that the G2G deal with Saudi Arabia was conducted openly and transparently, contrary to claims raise by Raila, who accused the zruto led regime of using it to foster corruption. 

Going further, President Ruto emphasized that the deal was necessary to ease the pressure on the dollar.

He also argued that pressure on the American Dollar had resulted in an oil shortage in the country, thus the need to purchase oil via the Shilling in a government-to-government approach. 

The President affirmed that he was committed to running a transparent and accountable Government devoid of scandals.

 “I want to assure them [the Opposition] that the fishing they are doing for a scandal in this administration, they are not about to succeed,” he said. 

On Thursday, Raila had claimed that the President William Ruto-led administration did not sign any agreement with Saudi Arabia, but rather it was signed between the Ministry of Energy and State-owned companies in the Middle East.


He also called on Kenya's investigative bodies;  EACC and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to probe the tax compliance status and pricing model of the three oil companies.

Turning to the taxman, Raila also asked Kenya Revenue Authority,  to come clean on the tax compliance status of the three oil companies.

"KRA should also explain why they are being enabled to evade billions in taxes while ordinary Kenyans are being harassed for taxes," he said.