• Saturday, 22 June 2024
President Ruto apologizes to Kenyans for the Shakohola massacre and defends the media blackout

President Ruto apologizes to Kenyans for the Shakohola massacre and defends the media blackout

President William Ruto has asked for forgiveness for the Shakahola mass murders, admitting laxity and complacency on the part of some government agencies.


This comes after the number of exhumed bodies surpassed 200.

"As President, I accept responsibility for these (Shakahola murders) that should not have occurred. I am promising Kenyans that we will get to the bottom of this situation "President Ruto stated this on Sunday during a televised interview with Kenyan media outlets.

He blamed the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), National Police Service, area chiefs and their assistants, and Nyumba Kumi elders for failing to detect the cult's activities on time.

"Some of those responsible for the government's failure will have to answer for their actions. This should never have happened when we had all of the relevant agencies. But it happened, and we accept full responsibility "According to President Ruto.

He holds the government responsible for how far cult leader Paul Mackenzie was allowed to go with his activities.

"This man (Mackenzie) and his associates were arrested and taken to court multiple times [and then] released, which is when he saw the need to continue his criminal activities in the name of religion." "This person is a terrorist," Dr. Ruto said, assuring Kenyans of his determination to deal with the situation.

He stated that the commissions of inquiry established will get to the bottom of the matter and that those found to be responsible will be apprehended.

"The commission was formed to assist in determining how all of this started, why it happened the way it did, and who the Mackenzies are."


The President also promised to visit Malindi once the multi-agency team on the ground finished its forensic analysis, as he defended himself by explaining why he has yet to visit the site.

"The location has been declared a crime scene, and a security operation is underway," he said.

Dr. Ruto went on to say that Opposition Chief Raila Odinga's visit to Shakahola was purely political.

"What does it help to go there as a political figure?" Is he an expert in security? doctor? Is he going to exhume bodies? What did he do after the crime scene was declared no longer a crime scene? "I'm going to Malindi," he said.

Regarding journalists' inability to access the Shakahola Forest to cover the exhumation exercise, the President stated: "Would you go to Shakahola and film the disintegrated graves and bodies and bring them to Kenyans? There is no scene to report at the moment. What could be hidden about graves and dead people? I will speak about Shakahola when the time comes."

He went on to say, "It's not fair to tell me that I'm coming to broadcast intelligence. That is not a possibility."

The President also urged those who oppose church regulations to reconsider their position.

"I'm aware that some people are nervous. They are correct in saying that we should not regulate the church. Let us have a self-regulating institution "He stated. "We want to work with religious leaders to develop a mechanism that ensures criminals and crooks do not exploit religion and faith to cause harm."


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