• Wednesday, 24 July 2024

"Pray for me that I continue being truthful and honest." DP Gachagua pleads with kenyans

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Sunday spoke with jest while pleading with Kenyans to extend some grace to him while making their devotional petitions.

Speaking during the consecration of ACK Nakuru Diocese Bishop Anthony Mambo in Nakuru, DP Gachagua said that he will maintain his famed "honest man" mantra and he will always strive to voice the truth to the Kenyan electorates.

He likewise urged Kenyans to support President William Ruto's ambitions to salvage the dipping economy under his economic transformation agenda.

"Pray for our president to get wisdom and courage to lead our country, especially on the economic transformation in this country. Continue praying for our country," he said.

"Also remember me because you know I am a truthful and honest man. Pray for me that I continue being truthful and honest."

This comes amid political ridicule meted at Gachagua as he has accused leaders affiliated with President Ruto of creating cold blood between him and the president.

During a public rally in Kirinyaga County on Saturday, a seemingly irate Gachagua slammed the said president's allies over what he termed as condescension, reiterating that only the president and the people of Kenya could tell him what to do.

“Even some of his friends, his PAs want to order me around on how to do my work. Is it possible? Even bloggers of the president want to tell me what to do... you know me, I have only two bosses, President Ruto and the people of Kenya,” Ruto said.

According to Gachagua, the allies are responsible for the ongoing perceived discord and rift that is slowly forming between him and the president saying they have also formed a WhatsApp group dubbed ‘Project 22’ where they are inciting other leaders against Gachagua.

“The problem you are currently witnessing is that some people who are friends of the president also want to be my boss. Is it possible?” Gachagua posed.

Gachagua has repeatedly reaffirmed his stance on Mt Kenya unity calls, vowing not to be cowed in his beliefs, a move that has created a speculated rift in the Kenya Kwanza government.

He rubbished claims that he was advocating for tribal politics, maintaining that unity for the mountain would guarantee the region bigger resources in the national 

“We have elected Ruto knowing that he is not a Kikuyu. We don’t want people telling us that we are tribal. We are patriots because of electing Ruto,” he said.


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