• Thursday, 13 June 2024
Nairobi:  Governor Sakaja orders crackdown, bans hawking on CBD pavements

Nairobi: Governor Sakaja orders crackdown, bans hawking on CBD pavements

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has issued orders that no hawkers will be allowed to operate along all lanes connecting to Moi Avenue in the Nairobi Central Business District.

Speaking during a meeting on Wednesday, Sakaja stated that there will be no hawking activity along the aforesaid lanes since there is a deliberate plan to revamp operations on the street.

He further proposed that the affected hawkers be given priority to operate along the back lanes where they can also operate and eke out a living.


"From Tom Mboya coming up to Moi Avenue we will have no hawking and street business there because we have a plan on that road where we receive billions from investors," he said.

"I was in Paris and we are doing BRT. We are going to expand that road to be walkable because I am not just taking care of you I am also taking care of Kenyans who are walking those who own shops they are also taxpayers."

Sakaja further dismissed those faulting him for targeting the hawkers, arguing that there needs to be a fair playing ground for anyone conducting business in the CBD.

Starting tomorrow morning, Thursday, Sakaja asserted that nobody will be spared in the clearance and the law will be enforced fairly.

"There will be no hawking on the road that one we will not have. That is an irreducible minimum even for their own safety. From tomorrow morning even at Muthurwa and Bus station," he said.

"We must be firm and a rule is a rule. When we say there is no hawking along Moi Avenue there is none for anyone and I will say it before them...Everybody must get their piece we can't favour one group over another. So when I insist that you operate up to some certain spot then stop there and nobody will bother you."

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