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MP challenges DCI chief in case of arrested Venezuelans

MP challenges DCI chief in case of arrested Venezuelans

Samuel Moroto, a Kapenguria MP, has chastised Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) chairman George Kinoti for how he handled a case involving three Venezuelan nationals related to the electoral agency.

The MP stated that he had failed to manage the case correctly when Mr. Kinoti produced a full investigative report on the three foreigners.

The three foreigners were detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport last week with election-related literature.

Wafula Chebukati, chairwoman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), has subsequently stated that the three were in Kenya legally and worked for Smartmatic, a company contracted by the agency to supply devices and materials for the August 9 polls.

Mr. Chebukati said in a statement on Monday that the labels found on the Venezuelans would be utilized on Kenya Integrated Election Management System (KIEMS) kits.

Smartmatic, based in London, has won a Sh3.2 billion gadget supply tender, according to Mr. Chebukati.

Mr. Moroto said on Tuesday after visiting Kitalakapel Technical College in his constituency that Mr. Kinoti 'went overboard on the issue, stressing that sensitive material should be kept away from the public to avoid inciting emotions among individuals.

"I was in the Moi and Kibaki governments, where a lot of things happened but were handled quietly." Kinoti was given the task of conducting criminal investigations, yet he has done nothing. "He took all the instances to the papers, and when pushed to present evidence [in] court, he had none," he claimed.

"We've had numerous DCI directors, but this one has surprised Kenyans." Why is he making such a fuss if he is supposed to be the intelligence man?"

Politics is being played.

He accused Mr. Kinoti of politicizing the situation and spreading half-truths about it.

"With Kenya in such a precarious state, professionalism on the part of the DCI is critical." The law clearly states how the DCI should address problems. "Battles on social media are not part of this process," he explained.

"Kinoti was tasked with conducting investigations. Apart from political theater, he has accomplished nothing. Stop the drama and give [Mr. Chebukati] room to run elections "Mr. Moroto stated.

"He has infuriated the Kenya Kwanza coalition, and we want to warn him not to meddle in election concerns."

According to the MP, the DCI and the IEBC must maintain decorum and assure the public that they are functioning independently and in strict line with the law.

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