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Meru's 'killer bus' was revealed to be a mobile luxury mini club.

Meru's 'killer bus' was revealed to be a mobile luxury mini club.

According to reports, the bus that was involved in an accident at the Subuiga blackspot on the Meru-Nanyuki road was a mobile luxury mini club.

The Saturday evening accident killed at least 12 people.

The charcoal black bus, dubbed "Party on Wheels," provided its passengers with an extraordinary party experience while on board.

Its patrons were entertained while admiring the beautiful Mt Kenya scenery, thanks to a mini bar, DJ deck, screen monitors and sound system, and comfortable lounge seats with ample dancing space.

According to one of the survivors, they were on their way to Samburu, where they planned to spend the night in the jungle.

The passengers left Nairobi at 9 a.m. on Saturday and stopped at several locations before the accident. As they circled Mt Kenya, they passed through the scenic Buuri region.

"We were on an adventure trip, and we were very excited," he explained.

Everyone had brought hand luggage containing comfortable clothing, swimming suits, and other personal items.

Beer cans and liquor bottles littered the road near the accident site.

"The bus had a club with seats, tables, and a liquor section," said eyewitness Jacob Mwiti. "The passengers appeared to be having a good time," he said.

Among the recovered items was a DJ mic flag.

Laura Khatiabi, deputy chief of police in Buuri West, announced on Sunday that the death toll had risen to 12.

Mr Michael Osiemo died at St Theresa Mission Hospital in Kiirua after suffering head injuries and fractures.

According to preliminary investigations, the bus driver lost control of his vehicle and collided with a 14-seater matatu before ramming into a trailer traveling in the same direction.

The 14-seater matatu was thrown for about 20 meters before collapsing into a tree.

The bus driver and all ten passengers were killed on the spot.

Nine people died in the Matatu belonging to Menany Sacco, while three others are in critical condition in hospital. Two passengers received minor injuries.

According to Ms Khatiabi, there are seven males and five females among the dead.

Francis Kirimi, the charge nurse at Kiirua Hospital, stated that 24 patients were admitted on Saturday.

Mr Kirimi stated that one patient died, three were treated and discharged, and twenty were admitted to surgical wards.

According to him, the majority of the patients had multiple fractures. Six of the dead have been identified by police.

Mr Musa Abdi, the owner of the trailer that was hit by the ill-fated bus, said his driver, who was transporting items to Marsabit, was shocked after the speeding bus hit his vehicle.

"I've seen a lot of beer bottles on the road." "The driver was going too fast," he stated.

The vehicles were towed to the Subuiga police station yard, while the bodies were taken to the Meru Level Five Hospital mortuary.

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