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Man Arrested For Allegedly Beating Son To Death For Smoking Bhang in Kirinyaga

Man Arrested For Allegedly Beating Son To Death For Smoking Bhang in Kirinyaga

Police in Kirinyaga County are detaining a man for allegedly killing his 17-year-old son for smoking bhang in his presence.

The 39-year-old man is said to have repeatedly beat his son on the head with a blunt object on June 5, 2022; the 17-year-old succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment on the evening of June 7.

According to police, the boy had gone to visit his father at the time when the incident occurred.

The teenager's parents had long separated, with his mother fleeing her matrimonial home after falling out with her husband.

The boy lived with neighbours while doing menial jobs in the area, and would only visit his father from time to time to check on his wellbeing. 

As the boy exchanged pleasantries with his father during the visit, he is said to have pulled out a joint before lighting and smoking it.

This however did not sit well with his father who then reportedly grabbed a stick and repeatedly struck him on the head with it. 

The boy's cries for help attracted neighbours who rescued him and contacted his mother who lived around the area.

The mother would then rush the boy, while unconscious, to the Kerugoya Referral Hospital for treatment, where he however passed away.

Confirming the incident, Kirinyaga East police boss Daniel Kitavi highlighted that the State has now designated the incident as murder. 

"We have arrested the suspect, who is a casual labourer, and soon he shall face a murder charge," Kitavi said.

"Parents should be responsible enough. They should help their children to reform instead of subjecting them to corporal punishment, which can lead to death."

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