• Thursday, 01 December 2022
Ladies, Stop Bringing Your Men To The Salon!

Ladies, Stop Bringing Your Men To The Salon!

It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m seated in the salon with my wig lines, funny shaped oblong head. I did not draw my eyebrows, and I’m dressed down looking like I woke up at 3am, and then you just pop in with your man at the salon. Like, really? Hello ladies, please leave your men at home.

This is the weird scenario that ladies have to deal with in modern day salons; the resurgence of partners who follow each other everywhere including in salons and chamas. It’s a crisis that must be called out for what it is. 

Salons are designed as places for women get their therapy after week-long stressful days, have chit-chats of the guy who hit on them on Monday, the drama at the club on Friday and whatnot.

Imagine your man seated in a salon listening to how we are gossiping the alpha male in the office. When you bring your man in there, you ruin our space, you make it uncomfortable for us. Salons are supposed to be a safe space for women to talk and laugh.

Nowadays, we have the male section that's the barber area, where men get their heads massaged after a good shave. Let your man stay there. Women should know where to take their partners; and, for the men, please don't follow your women to the salon like puppies.

You guys can go to church together, or the shopping mall, or visit a dentist, anywhere else together, but please not the salon; that remains a no go zone for men, just like our chamas. Know where to draw the line.