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Kisii: Two SDA pastors accused of misconduct defend themselves by saying they are being victimised by the church

Kisii: Two SDA pastors accused of misconduct defend themselves by saying they are being victimised by the church

More controversy has engulfed the SDA church in Gusii region after two popular pastors who were suspended over alleged misconduct hit back, saying they are being falsely accused and victimised by the church. 

Pastors Martha Isaac and Nixon Matara had been accused by the church of going against its set protocol and misconduct, especially in funeral services. 

“Dear leaders, and pastors, this is to inform you that Pr Matara and Martha Isaak of Matagaro will not be allowed to conduct any services at funerals, public evangelism, and camp meetings until the Field Executive committee sitting in mid-June clears them. This is because of many issues reported about their conduct in funerals. Please give this information to members and elders. They go out including outside SEKF without permission even without host pastors knowing. Please cooperate on this," the suspension notice from the church read. 


The church seems to have an issue with the two preachers' teachings in funerals, something that has seen their popularity within the Gusii region grow exponentially. 

The two pastors are sought after by grieving families due to their captivating preachings, and now they deny the allegations from the church, saying they don't invite themselves to such functions. 

In an interview with Bosongo Vibes, Matara and Martha said they always ask families requesting their services to first consult their local church leadership, and when an ok is issued, they go on to attend and preach.

"I don't wake up and go sniffing around mortuaries to know where there is a funeral for me to attend and preach. It's the families that look for me. And I always ensure I follow the right procedures before attending any funeral or meeting," Matara said. 

"The only funerals I automatically attend are those within my village or for my relatives. And I don't go there to preach. But distant families look for me and I always ask them to follow the right procedures before I agree to preach there," Martha said on her part. 

The two said the church has not summoned them to explain the alleged misconduct, as they only saw the message circulating like everyone else. 

They add that the church has failed to follow the right procedure in addressing any issues it has with them.

This has prompted Matara and Martha to engage an advocate, to have the church stopped from suspending them. 

Through their advocate Wilkins Ochoki, the duo say the church erred in suspending them without a fair hearing. 

“In view of the above, our clients ought to have been afforded an opportunity to examine the allegations against them and the evidence in support of the same. Moreover, they are guaranteed the right to a fair hearing before any administrative action can be taken against them,” the demand letter stated in part. 

The suspension of the two preachers has elicited mixed reaction among the members of the Gusii community, with majority who enjoy their teachings labelling the church a disgrace. 

They now want the two reinstated. 


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