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Kenyans spend more money on passports.

Kenyans spend more money on passports.

Due to a lack of papers, Kenyans are having to dig deeper into their pockets to obtain the 66-page passport.

There are currently only category C passports with 66 pages available for Sh7,550. A 32-page document costs Sh4,550, while a 50-page document costs Sh6,050.


According to Immigration Director-General Alexander Muteshi, the company that supplies the 32 and 50-page passport booklets has not done so.He added that the problem is being resolved and that Kenyans will soon have access to all categories.

"We've had issues getting the 32 and 50-page booklets to print the passport, but we've been following up with relevant authorities to get the issue resolved as soon as possible," he explained.

Mr Muteshi went on to say that the lack of two passport categories would have no effect on the November deadline for replacing travel documents with new biometric ones.

Kenyans who have not changed their passports by the end of November will be denied entry.

"The deadline for phasing out the old generation passport for EAC member states is November 2022, according to the decision of the East African Community Council of Ministers held in Arusha from November 22 to 29, 2021," he said.

Countries in the European Union, such as Spain, no longer accept the old Kenyan passports.

Kenyans planning to travel or beat the government's November deadline have sparked outrage on social media.

"A deadline with few options," one person wrote. There are no 32 or 45-page passports available, and you tell us in your Dms to take the next available option....66-page passport, really?"

"Category A and B passports have been removed from the application system by the Immigration Department." Kenyans are being forced to apply for Category C, which is extremely expensive. "This is not a mama mboga-friendly government," said another, clearly mocking the Kenya Kwanza administration, which came to power on the promise of improving the poor's living conditions.

"I was thinking the same thing, bana. It is now 66 pages for Sh7,550 instead of 32 pages for Sh4,550. That is unethical. "Those who require a large passport should apply for one," another said.

Kenya has three types of passports: the 34-page Ordinary "A" Series (Sh4,550), the 50-page Ordinary "B" Series (Sh6,050), and the 66-page Ordinary "C" Series (Sh7,550).

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