• Saturday, 22 June 2024
Kenyans Should Give Kenya Kwanza More Time; You Will See Results

Kenyans Should Give Kenya Kwanza More Time; You Will See Results

Wilson Sossion, former Secretary-General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), has urged Kenyans to be more patient and allow the Kenya Kwanza government to carry out their plan.
According to Sossion, President William Ruto and his government prioritize Kenyans and are working to make all of his promises a reality in due time.

He also emphasized that the government has no advantage of laxity, arguing that its sole purpose during its 5-year tenure is to improve the lives of Kenyans.

"Kenya Kwanza is not William Ruto, and people need to get up and get to work. We designed our plan and are now putting it into action, so Kenyans should give us more time; they will see results, and we were not speaking to make promises to Kenyans; we were speaking about what we enjoy doing "He stated.

"A government has been elected, and it has a five-year tenure, and we must deliver, not for the glory of anyone, but for the good of Kenyans, and Kenyans' lives must be better," he added.

On Tuesday night, he gave an interview to Citizen TV.

Sossion went on to highlight some of the proposals put in place by the government to address the high cost of living and the ailing economy, noting that resources will be made available to the production sector, which he claims is Kenya's largest contributor to the economy.

"For the last few years, the overall economic model has been that we have completely destroyed the manufacturing sector. Kenya Kwanza's diagnosis is that we must now balance capital investment, borrowing, and injecting resources into the production sector of the economy, which is why the president did not allow any further subsidy injections but instead focused on production, lowering fertilizer costs "he stated.

"We will be food self-sufficient if we invest in the economy's production sector, particularly agriculture. We must make suggestions rather than simply criticize, and it will work whether we like it or not."


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