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Jubilee Insurance Offers Kenyans  Comprehensive Health Insurance Covers  for Their  Well-being

Jubilee Insurance Offers Kenyans Comprehensive Health Insurance Covers for Their Well-being

Most of us struggle to raise finances when stuck in a health crisis. At this point, we make frantic calls to friends or raise credit for unpredictable situations we would have taken care of before.

Insurance covers not only cushions us from the rising cost of medical expenses but also enables us to access well-curated and quality medical facilities, protect our savings and safeguard our families.

Health Insurance in Kenya: This year, Health insurance coverage in Kenya has been predicted to rise above 20% of the population, as was recorded in 2023. 

Why is Health Insurance Rising?: Insurance firms, led by Jubilee Insurance, have continued to change and impact lives with different insurance solutions, from health, life & pension, general insurance, asset management and wellness. 

Jubilee InsuranceFor over eight decades, Jubilee Insurance has continued to set the pace in the insurance sector, serving more than 1.9 million loyal customers across East and Southern Africa. 

Imagine Health Insurance Cover Where You Only Pay Ksh 6,200 Annually

Why Jubilee: At Jubilee Insurance, we not only offer insurance but we are dedicated to providing insurance solutions that protect the future of our customers and unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Talking about health insurance, Jubilee Health Insurance offers health insurance coverage for individuals, businesses, groups, and corporate organisations. 

In the health sector, Jubilee Health covers children between the ages of 0 and 17 years with flexible plans and great benefits. Children between the ages of 0–17 years have a cover that extends to 25 years old for dependent children.

Jubilee Health also offers five flexible coverage plans for senior citizens aged 61 –80 with the option of extending it to 85. 

Health policies at Jubilee Health are curated depending on the customer's budget and the age of the principal member, allowing for affordable premiums with numerous benefits. 

All Jubilee Health policies are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of illnesses, including but not limited to Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, and heart conditions, amongst others. However, the limits for certain chronic conditions are clearly stated in your policy document. Additionally, some conditions have a one-year waiting period. Please check your policy document for illnesses covered and their waiting periods.

Individual Insurance Cover Options 

CoverBora Medical Cover

CoverBora is a hospitalization medical insurance cover designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families. You can also say CoverBora is an inpatient cover as it comes into effect whenever you are admitted. 

Why Opt for CoverBora?

The cover offers dependable and affordable medical coverage with a wide range of inpatient benefits. With CoverBora, you can safeguard your family's well-being while leaving financial concerns behind.

CoverBora Medical Cover offers you extensive inpatient services with affordable, transparent pricing. With this health cover, you can safeguard your family's future with comprehensive coverage, including maternity and quick access to care during admissions.

CoverBora offers flexibility in the payment of premiums as customers pay as low as Ksh6,200 per annum.

Here are the Premium Rates per Annum 

For the annual individual rate - you pay Ksh6,200 for Plan A, Ksh8,100 for Plan B, and Ksh11,400 for Plan C.

For the Family Rate / Annual (up to M+4), a beneficiary pays Ksh12,600 for Plan, Ksh15,100 for Plan B, and Plan C costs Ksh19,600. 

The premium for an additional child or dependent costs Ksh1,250 for Plan A, Ksh1,275 for Plan B and Ksh1,340 for Plan C. 

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CoverBora offers three types of Annual coverage; 

Annual Inpatient offers three different plans: Plan A has a limit of Ksh250,000, Plan B Ks350,000 and Plan C Ksh500,000. 

For Maternity CoverBora offers limits as follows: Plan A Ksh40,000, Plan B Ksh50,000 and Plan C Ksh75,000.

For the Last Expense Benefit Per Family, CoverBora offers limits as follows: Plan A Ksh20,000, Plan B Ksh30,000 and Plan C Ksh50,000. 

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Key Benefits of CoverBora

Low annual premium at only Kshs 6,200 p.a

Affordable, comprehensive inpatient cover 

Inbuilt maternity benefits 

Inbuilt last expense 

Minimal waiting periods 


Critical Illness Cover 

Nothing prepares you for the emotional and financial burden of being diagnosed with a critical illness. 

However, you don't have to worry as this is an additional benefit cover to help you minimize the financial impact on you and your family if you are diagnosed with certain critical illnesses for the first time. It is added to our SME and Corporate medical insurance products at a minimal cost.

Why choose the Critical Illness Cover?

With this coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the necessary resources to navigate critical health situations with confidence.

Critical Illness Cover provides a lump sum payment of Kshs 750,000 upon first diagnosis of illnesses, enabling you to seek treatment at the facility of your choice.

It covers critical illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, coronary artery surgery, cancer, renal failure, blindness, coma, accidental brain damage, multiple sclerosis, major organ transplant and more.

Covered Illnesses

Jubilee's Critical Illness Cover offers a lump sum payment upon the first diagnosis of a defined critical illness, including;


Heart attack


Aortic surgery

Open heart surgery, including coronary artery


Renal/Kidney failure

Total blindness


Major organ transplant

Key Benefits 

Affordable premiums to access quality healthcare and financial protection

A lump sum of Ksh750,000 upon first diagnosis 

Comprehensive coverage for principal members and family 

Financial freedom to use the payout as you see fit

Flexibility to seek treatment from the facility of choice 

Various hospital charges are covered, including diagnostic procedures, operation charges, ICU charges, daily visits from doctors and more. 

Less than 90 day waiting period for the cover 

Employees actively in service between ages 18 and 65 are eligible for cover. 

Affordable premiums to access quality healthcare and financial protection 


J-Care Johari 

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At Jubilee Health, we value your time and your family's health. That's why J-Care Johari provides instant enrollment online, eliminating paperwork hassles and pre-required health checkups.

With this comprehensive cover, you'll enjoy all the essential benefits, like inpatient and outpatient services, while keeping costs affordable through a carefully curated lisof service providers.

Why is J-Care Johari perfect for you?

If you value affordable and flexible health coverage coupled with the convenience of online enrollment, J-Care Johari is designed specifically with you in mind.

Your peace of mind is our priority, so take the hassle out of insurance and choose J-Care Johari for quick and convenient coverage.

Key Benefits 

Access to our Maisha Fiti Wellness Program 

Robust 24-hour call centre 

Covers pre-existing conditions 

Free telemedicine services 

No health checkups are required

No paperwork required

Affordable, comprehensive cover 

Simple online enrolment process


J-Care Junior Medical Cover 

Children hold a special place in our hearts, and at Jubilee Health, we understand the importance of their well-being. That's why J-Care Junior is designed exclusively for children aged 0 to 17 years, ensuring that your little ones are always taken care of. With a range of fantastic benefits, this stand-alone coverage provides healthcare tailored to their unique needs. From routine checkups to essential immunizations, we've got their health covered every step of the way.

Why choose J-Care Junior for your child?

As a stand-alone cover, J-Care Junior gives you the flexibility to choose the benefits that best suit your child's needs without being limited by an overall family package.

J-Care Junior is tailored specifically to cater to the unique injuries, illnesses, and preventative care of childhood.

Key Benefits 

Countrywide provider network

24/7 Telemedicine Consultations 

Optional dental cover and optical cover 


Outpatient cover 

Inpatient cover 

Annual checkup checkups

Pediatric Services


J-Care Medical Cover 

J-Care medical cover offers you and your family the flexibility to choose from 6 levels of coverage, including our prestigious plan with a generous inpatient cover of up to 10 million. 

Jubilee Insurance's regional network of service providers and overseas credit-based facilities ensure that we've got you covered wherever you go. 

Eligibility is simple and inclusive. From the moment you're born until you turn 64, you can rely on the protection of J-Care for reliable protection. And when you reach the age of 65 and beyond, we seamlessly transition you to our J Seniors plan, offering lifelong coverage. 

Why is J-Care the best fit for you?

Our regional network of over 4,000 hospitals and healthcare professionals, plus a 24-hour customer care team, provide quality care wherever you go.

Our wellness program helps you and your loved ones lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Key Benefits 

Enjoy regional hospital support

Hospitalisation for Covid-19

Access to our Maisha Fiti Wellness Program 

Overseas inpatient referrals

Free drug delivery 

Cover for pre-existing conditions

24-hour call centre 

Free telemedicine services 


J-Senior Medical Cover 

This is a medical insurance solution designed for seniors aged over 65, bringing them peace of mind during their golden years. 

J-Senior offers 5 simplified plans allowing you to choose the ideal coverage for yourself, your spouse and your family. 

No need to worry about unexpected medical expenses anymore. J-Senior has you covered, from doctor visits to hospital stays and everything in between.

Why should you choose J-Senior?

J-Senior caters to the long-term health challenges many senior citizens face through features such as hospice care, drug delivery, and cover for newly diagnosed chronic conditions.

With our extensive network of hospitals and 24/7 customer support, you'll never have to face a medical emergency alone.

Key Benefits

Telemedicine services 

Coverage for the terminally ill 

Hospice and home nursing services 

Covid-19 benefits 

Coverage for pre-existing conditions 

Access to our Maisha Fiti Senior Wellness Club 

24/7 call centre support 

Discounted medical fees


Corporate Health Cover  

Jubilee Corporate Health Cover 

Jubilee's Corporate Health Cover provides comprehensive coverage to meet your staff's health needs fully. 

From doctor's consultations to hospitalization and everything in between, we've got it all covered. 

The plan also includes overseas referrals, local road and air evacuation, and Critical Illness Coverage. 

With our extensive coverage, your staff can have the assurance of knowing their health is well taken care of.

Key Features

No Waiting Period

No Co-payment

Unrestricted provider panel

Access to healthcare across the globe

Why choose Jubilee's Corporate Health Cover?

Healthy, happy and supported employees lead to healthy, strong companies.

Key Benefits 

Free access to the Maisha Fiti Wellness Program 

24-hour customer support 

Third-party administrative services 

Regional presence and overseas inpatient referrals 

Free drug delivery and telemedicine 

Cover for critical illness and pre-existing conditions 

Self-care on the go via JubiCare App 

No waiting periods 


J-Biz SME Medical Cover 

Insurance Solutions from Jubilee Insurance | Live Free

Jubilee Health Insurance understands the importance of quality healthcare for your employees, and that's why we've created J-Biz to provide comprehensive coverage from 3 to up to 50 members. 

J-Biz is tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a wide range of medical services, from inpatient care to outpatient treatments, including built-in annual general checkups and extensive coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions. 

With J-Biz, you can give your employees the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are covered.

What makes J-Biz the perfect choice for you?

J-Biz effectively caters to the distinct coverage requirements of small and medium-sized businesses, taking into account limited staff numbers and tight budgets.

Key Features:

Extensive Inpatient limits of up to 10M 

Minimum of 3 principal members

Inbuilt annual general checkups

Extensive coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions

Free Last Expense and Personal Accident benefits for the principal member

Minimal waiting periods

Critical illness cover

Minimal waiting period


Group Medical Cover 

Give your staff and group members the peace of mind they deserve with our Group Medical Cover. 

This group cover is the ideal solution for groups seeking affordable, comprehensive insurance for their staff and members, providing essential protection against medical expenses. 

With its affordable premium and wide network of selected providers, this cover grants access to high-quality healthcare, including valuable benefits such as last expense and maternity coverage. Eligibility is open to groups with a minimum of 10 principal members.

Why choose the Group Medical Cover?

This Cover offers your team or group affordable access to high-quality healthcare and essential benefits, ensuring their well-being is protected.

Key Benefits 

Free telemedicine services

Cover for chronic conditions

Local emergency road evacuation

Cover for pre-existing conditions

Local emergency road evacuation 



Does Jubilee have health insurance for children?

We have a stand-alone cover for children between the ages of 0 and 17 years, which offers five flexible plans and great benefits. Children between the ages of 0–18 have coverage, which extends to 25 years old for dependent children.

Do you have health insurance for senior citizens?

Yes, Jubilee Health offers coverage for members aged 61 –80 with the option of extending it to 85. The policy has 5 flexible plans to choose from.

What Health Insurance policies do you provide?

Jubilee Health offers insurance coverage for individuals, businesses, groups and big corporate organizations. Our health policies depend on the budget and the age of the principal member. For further inquiries please call us at 0709949000.

Which health insurance covers do you have for individuals? 

We have four individual health insurance policies, namely, J Senior for the older, J Care Junior for children, J Care, J Care Johari and CoverBora for individuals.

Can I use my Jubilee Health Insurance cover as soon as I receive my card?

You can use your Jubilee Health cover within 30 days of receiving your membership card.

Which illnesses are covered under Jubilee Health policies?

All Jubilee Health policies are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of illnesses. However, coverage for various chronic conditions and their waiting periods are clearly stated in the policy document. 

What are you waiting for? 

Take the first step toward securing your family's health and future. Contact us today to learn more about how CoverBora can empower you with affordable, comprehensive, and reliable medical coverage.

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Enabling people to overcome uncertainty 

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