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Homa Bay: Achild dies of cholera, while 73 others become ill

Homa Bay: Achild dies of cholera, while 73 others become ill

Following a cholera outbreak in Suba, Homa Bay County, one person died and several others were hospitalized.

The deceased is a seven-year-old girl from Kaksingri West ward's Wadiang'a Beach.

According to health officials, she died after losing a lot of water from her body while being admitted to the hospital for dehydration.

Laboratory tests confirmed that the cause of death was cholera.

According to Chief Health Officer Kevin Osuri, the child's death could have been prevented if she had been taken to the hospital in a timely manner.

Despite displaying cholera symptoms, her family failed to seek immediate medical attention, resulting in her demise.

Cholera is an extremely fatal illness that causes severe, rapid-onset watery diarrhea and dehydration.

It can affect both adults and children and has the potential to cause death within hours if left untreated.

Dr. Osuri informed reporters that the local government is taking measures to contain the disease, which was initially reported last week.

He assured residents that health officials are working tirelessly to control the rate of infection.

The county has recorded a total of 73 confirmed cases, with the majority originating from Sindo town, particularly among fishermen from Wadiang'a Beach.

Dr. Osuri stated that the county health department has provided guidance to residents on preventive measures to curb further spread.

These measures include suspending catering services at funerals and other events.

Cholera can be transmitted through the consumption of contaminated food and water, as well as by touching contaminated surfaces and subsequently ingesting food.

As a result, the health department has temporarily banned eating at food kiosks.

Dr. Osuri emphasized that eatery operators, especially in Sindo, have been instructed to close their businesses until the disease is eradicated.

Health officials are actively engaging with residents through civic education programs, informing them about effective strategies to prevent the disease.

Due to the poor hygiene conditions in the disease epicenter, there is concern that the number of infections may increase.

The Homa Bay government acknowledges this challenge and urges residents to be mindful of their food and water consumption.

Dr. Osuri stated that there has been a lack of compliance with recommended hygiene standards, but efforts are being made to address this issue.

The Kenya Red Cross, in collaboration with community health volunteers, is working to raise awareness within communities.

County coordinator Samuel Omondi mentioned that his team is educating residents on the signs of suspected cholera cases.

The collaboration between the Kenya Red Cross and the community involves fumigating homes where affected patients reside.

To ensure the consumption of safe water, chlorine and other chemicals have been distributed for water treatment.

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