• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
'I am not a thief': David Ndii discloses his monthly salary

'I am not a thief': David Ndii discloses his monthly salary

'I don't steal': David Ndii reveals his monthly pay

Taking to his X platform, Ndii revealed that he received Ksh.666,364 salary in May 2024 and drew comparisons with his consulting work whereby he earned Ksh.417,600 for his services. 

“This is my pay, and I don’t steal. Next to it a typical invoice from my consulting work. You can do the math, my monthly pay is less than two days work. I’m not in this for money. Been there done that,” he said.


Ndii’s revelation came amid criticism that his team, Ruto’s Council of Economic Advisers, received Ksh.1.1 billion in the budget. 


At the time, Kenyans poked holes on the bloated wage bill from the government which claims to have inherited empty coffers from the previous regime. 

“Advisers are not paid entertainment allowance. The budget is for meetings. Our job entails policy development and implementation oversight. That means convening meetings typically 3-4 per day with 10-30 people each. The biggest facility in our office is boardrooms,” Ndii said in May 2024. 

Ndii has in the past week been a fierce critic of the protests staged nationwide against the Finance Bill 2024. 

Kenyans have been up in arms over the amount of taxes collected by the government, seeking an audit to determine how every coin is spent. 


Taking to the streets, Gen Zs demand the government to repeal the entire Finance Bill and uphold accountability. 


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