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He killed her hours later after she summoned him to the bar at midnight'

He killed her hours later after she summoned him to the bar at midnight'

Lucy Wanjiku, 40, a Catholic Women Action member who was found murdered in her rented house in Murang'a on May 11, had a premonition about her death and had begun drinking heavily.


According to local authorities, she had been living with Mr Elijah Njanja for the past two years, in a rocky relationship marked by frequent fights.

At around 4 a.m., police discovered her body in the house, lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.

In tracing her last moments, police discovered that she was last seen drinking with friends at a bar in Mukuyu town before retiring to her home around midnight. According to her friends, she called Mr Njanja in a drunken stupor and summoned him to the bar, telling him to "come here so that people can see who is going to kill me."

Mr Njanja arrived at the bar around midnight, sparking an argument, according to the bar manager, who stated that the two were asked to leave after the fight became physical. Wanjiku is said to have taken a motorcycle, while Mr Njanja walked.

Wanjiku's colleagues and friends said she had been experiencing relationship stress at her funeral on Saturday in Kaharate village, Maragua Constituency.

"We didn't save her until it was too late." She expressed her dissatisfaction with her relationship. We expected it to work. "We just tried to warn her to stop drinking, but we all lost her," Ms Jerusha Wambui said.

While her neighbors were concerned about the disputes, they did not expect it to end so abruptly.

Mr Njanja worked as a waiter in a nearby hotel, and Mrs Wanjiku had since moved into real estate. Both were known to be social creatures who would occasionally argue and get physical in local bars.

"I am unsure about the cause of their distress. It seemed as if they were not compatible with each other from the start. They engaged in frequent arguments at bars," stated Ms Esther Githu, a waitress in Murang’a town.

According to the police report, Mr Njanja stated that after the bar fight, he went to Wanjiku's house around 2 am and their argument began.

"I received a phone call and sent my assistant, Ms Lucy Ndirangu. We also contacted the police as the argument sounded very serious. When we arrived at approximately 3 am, the situation had escalated, as Ms Wanjiku had already been stabbed multiple times and was bleeding," explained Mukuyu chief Adams Kariuki.

Wanjiku leaves behind a daughter and a son. Mr Kariuki mentioned that the daughter was inside the house when the argument between the two started. Upon hearing her mother's cries for help, she hurriedly called the police.

"My assistant and the police arrived at the house simultaneously and discovered that the bedroom door was locked from the inside," he added.

As stated in the police report, "the police forcibly opened the bedroom door and found both individuals lying in a pool of blood."

"The woman had numerous stab wounds and was bleeding heavily, while the man appeared to have a stomach injury," noted the report.


The two were rushed to Murang'a Level Five Hospital, where the woman was pronounced dead and the man was admitted, according to Murang'a East police boss Mary Kasyoki. Mr Njanja, 43, was discovered to have back and stomach injuries but was said to be in stable condition.

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