• Tuesday, 25 June 2024
Ford Kenya party Kisii officials scoff at UDA's Malala on one party proposal

Ford Kenya party Kisii officials scoff at UDA's Malala on one party proposal

Ford Kenya officials in Kisii have opposed the proposal by United Democratic Alliance national party Secretary General Cleophas Malala that parties in the Kenya Kwanza alliance fold in favor of one party.

Nyanza region party boss, Charles Mogaka, who led the group termed Malala's behaviour hawkish, benighted and lacking political substance.

The party official said the country has more pressing issues that need to be attended to than the folding parties.

"Let him (Malala) know that we have heard him but should stop any further push that we dissolve our parties , as Ford Kenya tell him we have rejected those overtures ," said Mogaka.

According to Malala, Kenya Kwanza costituent parties cannot continue in their current status and must dissolve and join the party that sponsored William Ruto into Presidency, UDA.

Among the parties are ANC and Ford Kenya.

Malala was in ANC until a fortnight ago when he was picked to chair UDA.

He said all these parties must be united under UDA as a demonstration of loyalty and support to the head of state.

On Monday Mogaka , however, described the proposal as mischievous and lacking merit.

"If he asks for my advice, i will tell him that this is mischief at play, the country is faced with so many challenges already and dissolving parties isn't among them," said Mogaka .

The country is grappling with drought across the country and there is banditry in the North.

" Here is a person telling us that we begin dismantling our parties. This is lack of focus and priorities," Mogaka told journalists in Kisii

Their party, he said, will remain an independent party and will soon hold grassroot registration of new members to strengthen the party

The region's Party secretary general Milly Kerubo told U Malala to dedicate his energy to growing his party and keep off other party affairs.

She decried lack of engagement in the decision to ask Coalition partners to dissolve.

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