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Food charges? Students at Ambira who owe money are being 'denied meals.'

Food charges? Students at Ambira who owe money are being 'denied meals.'

Reports of students at Ambira High School in Siaya County being denied food due to non-payment of fees have enraged parents.

Parents who were interviewed claimed that students who had fallen behind on their fees had been denied meals for the previous week.

Ms. Mary Auma stated that she had received reports that the school administration had decided to punish students whose parents had not paid their fees in full by denying them meals.

According to reports, the school has issued meal cards to students whose parents have paid fees.

Students who are affected must rely on snacks or share meals with their classmates.

Siaya County Commissioner Jim Njoka stated that he had received complaints regarding the situation. He stated that education had been dispatched to the institution to investigate the situation.

"The matter has been brought to my attention, and we are conducting investigations to determine what is going on at the school," Mr. Njoka explained.

Ambira High Principal Joseph Otieno denied reports that students with outstanding fees were denied food. He did, however, confirm that the school was owed Sh70 million in unpaid fees and asked parents to pay up.

He blamed malicious rumors about the institution on a group of parents who had not paid their children's school fees.

"No student has been sent home." We have informed the parents that they must pay the fees. "Whether or not they have paid fees, all learners are eating their regular meals," Mr. Otieno explained.

County Director of Education Nicholas Oyucho stated that he visited the school and submitted a report for action to Siaya County Commissioner.

Parents complained that students with a fee balance of Sh500 were denied meals.

"It is disheartening to see our children go hungry because their parents have not paid their fees." Why would the school use such an unconventional method of punishing our children?" Ms. Auma stated.

She claimed that after being turned away from the dining hall during meals, the affected students were seen lying in the open field.

"The school has even asked some parents to pick up their children and take them home, despite the Ministry of Education's directive that students with fee balances not be sent home," Ms. Auma said.

Prof George Magoha, the Education CS, announced last week that the government had released Sh16.9 billion to schools for the second term and that no teacher should send students home to pay fees.

"The students are supposed to be at school, and no school principal should send them home." The students must attend school and classes like the rest of the students. "This is a directive for all public schools in the republic of Kenya," Prof Magoha explained.

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